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20 Questions for 20 x 200’s Andrew Hetherington

Oooh a real treat on the blog today, Rachel is excited! You know why? Because she’s got the Jack! Yeah, that’s an AC/DC reference, mmhm. OK, in...


Oooh a real treat on the blog today, Rachel is excited! You know why? Because she’s got the Jack! Yeah, that’s an AC/DC reference, mmhm.

OK, in all seriousness, pay attention here. This is a multi-layered blog attack and you’re going to need all your brain cells. Put the Scrabulous down. Above is a picture of Mr. Andrew Hetherington. Aside from being a rather fantastic photographer, he’s also become a mainstay of this cozy little photography blogtown with whatsthejackanory. I was reading this thing back when I was in blog diapers, and I’ve learned a lot.

SO, today Mr. Hetherington has an image featured in Jen Bekman’s genius 20×200. I’m not going to tell you which picture, but it’s on this page somewhere, and it rhymes with shoo(t).

In honor of this awesome and auspicious event, I’ve asked Mr. Hetherington 20 quick questions.

Here’s an additional exciting bit:

If you can identify the man who is not Mr. Hetherington in question 17, you will win one of Mr. Hetherington’s books. Two are available.

Let’s GO!

andrew! what is your current state of mind?


2. what do you consider your finest photographic achievement?

Escaping death on a Swiss Alp as an assistant. I was inches away from slipping off a 4,000 ft. peak had a saving hand not intervened.

3. vodka or gin?

Beer please.

4. what picture has the best wall space in your house?

Big red apple. Right above the bar. Gift from Mrs TH.


5. dream shoot?

A fulfilling one.

6. desert island. you can only have one companion: a photo editor. choose one.

Impossible to choose. They are all my favorites.

7. same desert island. film or digital?


Kodak 160NC 220


8. favorite beatle?

Ringo. He married Barbara Bach from the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

Picture 42.png

9. biggest photographic inspiration?


10. brand of shoes on your feet right now.

Vans slip ons. White of course.


11. last camera you shot with?

Hasselblad 503cw.


12. name of your childhood pet.

Had a goldfish. Can’t remember his name.

13. you can only shoot advertising. client of choice?

A repeat one.

14. you can only shoot for cute overload. animal of choice?

A  Cow.


first concert you went to without your parents?

Big Country. RDS Dublin 1983.

16. most visited website?

Shoot the Blog of course. first thing every morning. right after

What photographer were you most excited to take your picture with?

This guy. He’s such a badass.


18. first picture you took that you were proud of?

My father just mailed me this one he stumbled across

maybe from1985

in Dublin

I was mad into the cycling

processed and printed it myself in the bedroom darkroom

wish I had pictures of that set up


19. motto?

He who dares wins.

20. how much money would you accept to shave your beard?

Enough for round the world tickets for two. Business class. Not to be greedy.

SWEET. OK, a reminder. Things you must now do.

1. tell us who the dude is in #17 to win one of these books:
Thumbnail image for Picture 43.png
2. Check out the 20×200 Hetherington edition.
3. Look at Andrew’s pictures, words, and available stock.
4. Have a pleasant and fulfilling day.


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