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About PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is the #1 digital asset management and content distribution platform for marketers & creatives.

Our mission is to transform the way marketers and creatives work, to help brands grow and get more done.

Trusted by thousands of the fastest-growing brands

The Challenge

Consumers want more authentic, high-quality content, and brands are racing to produce and deliver such content to their audience so they can drive higher engagement.


The Solution

PhotoShelter helps marketers and creatives manage, store, organize, and distribute the authentic, high-quality content consumers crave, faster and easier than ever, while delivering it at the perfect time for peak engagement.

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Our History

PhotoShelter by the Numbers

  • 700K+

    marketers, creatives, and photographers who trust PhotoShelter with their assets

  • 20PB+

    of data stored on our secure, geographically-diverse servers around the world

  • 13M+

    tagged people, athletes, objects, and logos with PhotoShelter AI

  • 110+


  • 5


  • 6


Our Core Values Set Us Apart

We help creative people thrive.

Our integrity drives everything.

We are rock-solid reliable.

We are always improving.

We operate with heart.

We are all in.

Well-Backed By a Team of Strong Investors

Our team is growing