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Amplifying Black Voices: 100+ Black Photographers You Should be Following on Social Media

In recent years, several online communities have been established to highlight and amplify the voices of Black creatives: Black Women Photographe...

In recent years, several online communities have been established to highlight and amplify the voices of Black creatives: Black Women PhotographersDiversify Photo and Color Positive are three that immediately come to mind – all dedicated to celebrating the work, the passion and the stories of Black image makers from around the world. We’re proud to join these communities to help champion Black voices and bring attention to the extraordinary and important work Black photographers bring to the industry every day.

Below you’ll find a list of over 100 incredibly talented Black photographers you should be following on social media. Following on social (and liking, commenting and engaging!) is one way we can all celebrate and boost Black voices. It was very special looking through so much fantastic work when compiling this list, and it’s just the beginning. Bookmark this page, follow these photographers and let us know who else belongs on this growing list.

Abdul Aziz – Instagram / Twitter

Adaeze Okaro Instagram / Twitter

Adebayo AbayomiInstagram 

Adrienne RaquelInstagram

Agyeman DuahInstagram

Alanna Airitam Instagram / Twitter

Alexis Hunley Instagram / Twitter

Amanda J. CainInstagram / Twitter

April Alexander Instagram / Twitter 

Ashley Pena Instagram

Aundre LarrowInstagram / Twitter 

Awuku Darko SamuelInstagram

Banji AbioyeInstagram / Twitter 

Belinda Vickerson Instagram / Twitter

Bernard Kalu Instagram / Twitter 

Bethany Mollenkof Instagram

Brandon Todd Instagram / Twitter

Brent LewisInstagram / Twitter

Bria Woods Instagram / Twitter

Caleb Oheneba Instagram / Twitter 

Callena Williams Instagram 

Campbell AddyInstagram 

Carl Jones II Instagram / Twitter

Cayla LamarInstagram 

Chanelle Smith-WalkerInstagram / Twitter

Charles A. Smith Instagram / Twitter

Cheriss MayInstagram / Twitter

Christopher MagajiInstagram 

Clara Watt Instagram 

Claudio De La RosaInstagram / Twitter

Clay Williams Instagram / Twitter

Damari McBrideInstagram / Twitter

Dana ColeInstagram / Twitter

Dana ScruggsInstagram 

Dante J. CutleyInstagram / Twitter

David MartinsInstagram

Dee DwyerInstagram / Twitter

DeLovie Kwagala Instagram 

Devin AllenInstagram / Twitter

Elias WilliamsInstagram 

Elsie Kibue-NgareTwitter

Emanuel WallaceInstagram / Twitter

Emmanuel OyelekeInstagram / Twitter 

Erik CarterInstagram

Esther Ruth Mbabazi Instagram

Eva Woolridge Instagram 

Flo Ngala Instagram

Fred Agho Instagram 

George McKenzie Jr. Instagram

Gracie HammondInstagram 

Gregory L. Morgan Jr. (Shotti)Instagram 

Habila Sani MazawajeInstagram 

Inari Briana Instagram / Twitter 

Jada Imani MInstagram / Twitter

Jai Lennard Instagram 

Jalani Morgan Instagram / Twitter

Jamal Jordan Instagram / Twitter

Jameson Thermitus Instagram / Twitter

Jasmine Wilburn-LeftwichInstagram / Twitter

Jay Byers Instagram

Jayson Edward Carter – Instagram

JD BarnesInstagram

Jelan ColeyInstagram

Jessica Pettway Instagram

John Edmonds Instagram

Joshua KissiInstagram / Twitter

Juan VelozInstagram / Twitter

Julian James Instagram / Twitter

Karene Isabelle Jean-Baptiste Instagram / Twitter

Karston Tannis – Instagram / Twitter 

Katherine & Mariel TylerInstagram

Keith MajorInstagram

Kennedi CarterInstagram

Kentrice S. Rush – Instagram / Twitter

Kriston Jae Bethel Instagram / Twitter

Kwesi YanfulInstagram

Larry McAllister II Instagram

Laylah Amatullah BarraynInstagram / Twitter

Liam WoodsInstagram 

Lynsey WeatherspoonInstagram / Twitter

Lola Akinmade ÅkerströmInstagram / Twitter

Maria J. Hackett Instagram 

Marissa Rose Instagram 

Mark Clennon Instagram / Twitter

Matthew Jordan SmithInstagram / Twitter

Melissa Bunni Elian Instagram / Twitter 

Michael Aboya Instagram / Twitter

Miora RajaonaryInstagram / Twitter

Myesha Evon Gardner Instagram / Twitter

Myron FieldsInstagram

Nadine IjewereInstagram 

Naima GreenInstagram

Nana Kofi Acquah Instagram 

Nathalie GordonInstagram

Nicky Quamina-Woo Instagram / Twitter 

Nicole Morrison – Instagram

Noémie Tshinanga – Instagram

Ornelle ChimiInstagram 

Polly Irungu Instagram / Twitter

Raven B. Varona Instagram / Twitter 

Ray Neutron Instagram 

Regina FlemingInstagram

Robert Brown Jr. Instagram 

Rochelle Brock Instagram 

Ron Wash Instagram

Rukie Jumah Instagram 

Sage CausieInstagram / Twitter

Sarah Waiswa Instagram 

Selassie AtitsogbuiInstagram 

Shakivla Todd Instagram / Twitter 

Shaun Connell Twitter

Sheilby Henri Instagram / Twitter

Stephen Eshun Instagram 

Steve Hall Instagram

Steven John Irby Instagram 

Taiwo AinaInstagram

Tara PixleyInstagram / Twitter

Taylor Sims Instagram 

Temi Coker Instagram

Terrell LloydInstagram

Teti SuluInstagram 

Texas IsaiahInstagram / Twitter

Tianna J. WilliamsInstagram / Twitter

Tiffany Sutton Instagram 

Toni ShawInstagram / Twitter

Tracey Woods Instagram

Tyler MitchellInstagram / Twitter

Vanessa CharlotInstagram / Twitter

Vivian NwobiInstagram

Wanjiku GitauInstagram

Yanissa X Instagram / Twitter

Yemi JosephInstagram 

Zenish Richards – Instagram

Zhané Gaybyrd Instagram

Zoe DavisInstagram / Twitter

This list is just a tiny fraction of all the incredibly talented Black photographers you should be following on social. Visit, and Color Positive for a ton more names and fantastic resources.

Who else deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram and Twitter (@photoshelter) and share your shout-outs!

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