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Announcing 6th Annual Luminance Talks at Photoville: Sept 14th in NYC

One of our favorite events of the year is just around the corner. For the sixth year in a row, we’re partnering with Photoville to present a full...

One of our favorite events of the year is just around the corner. For the sixth year in a row, we’re partnering with Photoville to present a full day educational and inspirational panels all to help photographers grow their businesses.

Join us on Friday, September 14th for discussions with industry professionals and photographers at 60 Water Street near Brooklyn Bridge Park. We’ll cover topics like best practices for archiving your work, how to land a job and negotiate contracts, non-profit storytelling, creative ways to get noticed and build your business, how to apply for photography grants, plus an exclusive conversation with renowned photographer and Brooklyn native, Jamal Shabazz.

A full day pass (only $25) includes admission to all six panels, plus breakfast, lunch and access to the beer garden to end the day. Register here to guarantee your spot before we fill up.


If you can’t make it for the full day, single session attendance is welcome on a first come, first serve basis.

Each panel is 45 minutes. Here’s the schedule:

10:00 am:
Registration and Breakfast at 60 Water St.

Credit: PhotoShelter/Photoville


10:30 – 11:15 am:
The Importance and How To’s of Archiving Work and Legacy

In today’s fast-paced, digital world it’s so easy to put images into a folder and collect hundreds of hard drives. That may be the beginning of a process, but archiving your work and ensuring your legacy is preserved should be a crucial step in your workflow. Julie Grahame, consultant and creator of aCurator, will sit down with three working professionals who know the world of archiving inside and out. Suzie Katz, president and founder of PhotoWings, Mary Engel, president and founder of American Photography Archives Group, will discuss the importance of archiving, the best techniques and platforms, and how to start thinking about the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Moderator: Julie Grahame, Photography Consultant and Curator, and Creator of
Mary Engel, Founder and President of the American Photography Archives Group, APAG
Suzie Katz, President and Founder of PhotoWings


11:30 – 12:15 pm:
How to Impress Photo Editors, Land a Job and Negotiate Your Best Deal  

Most photographers will tell you that finding new clients and locking down quality work is an ongoing challenge — and a big one at that. In this panel, we’ll address this head on and share tips, advice and lessons learned from photographers, photo editors and art producers on how to land a job. We’ll discuss the best ways for you to connect with potential clients and what photo editors truly want. We’ll also dig into how to negotiate a contract and share tips to secure your best deal. The goal is to walk away with fresh ideas to help reel in your next client and make the money you deserve.

Moderator: Kari Anderson, Senior Artist Rep Glasshouse Assignment
Amy Wolff, Director of Photography at Hearst Enthusiast Group
Drew Gurian, Photographer
Lyne Lucien, Photo Editor at The Daily Beast and New York Magazine’s The Strategist
Ray “Neutron” SpearsPhotographer

Credit: PhotoShelter/Photoville


12:30 – 1:15 pm:
Nonprofit Storytelling: How Photographers and Marketers Inspire Change

It’s no secret that nonprofit organizations contribute enormously to our society, providing invaluable services and championing causes that better our world. But to accomplish their goals, these institutions rely deeply on photographers and visual storytellers to shed light on their missions and help raise money and support. In this panel, we’ll be joined by photographers and nonprofit directors to discuss how creatives and marketers work together to bring important stories to life and inspire action — all while navigating tight resources and budgets. Discover how photographers are helping advance the work of important social causes today and learn how you can connect with the organizations you care most about.

Moderator: Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter
Patrick Egan, Director of Marketing & Communications, Children’s Aid
Bayeté Ross Smith, Photographer, KINGS Against Violence
Sarah Matheson, Photojournalist


3 – 3:45 pm:
Changing the Game: Creative Ways to Get Noticed and Make Money

We hear it all the time: Everyone’s a photographer. Advanced camera features on your phone have made it increasingly difficult for skilled photographers to break through the noise, get noticed and land jobs. With a changed landscape for professionals, we’ll sit down with photographers who are thinking outside the box to grow and market their careers. From brand ambassadors to teaching and fellowships opportunities to starting related businesses, learn how these creatives are redefining the game, making connections and attracting the clients they want. Walk away with tons of inspiration on how to innovate and rethink ways to build your own photography business.

Moderator: Leonor MamannaSenior Photo Editor at Bloomberg Pursuits
Aundre Larrow, Photographer
Erick Urgiles, Photographer
Delphine Diallo, Photographer
Karston Tannis, Photographer

Credit: PhotoShelter/Photoville


4 – 4:45 pm:
The Art of the Pitch: Preparing and Writing Proposals, Grants and More

You have been working on a long term project for years, what is next? Applying for a grant to keep going? Search for an exhibition opportunity or try and find a job that pays the bills while documenting that one passion story? Join Emma Raynes, Director of Programs at the Magnum Foundation and United Photo Industries and Photoville’s Co-Founder Laura Roumanos, in a 45 minute crash course that covers everything from searching for job and exhibition opportunities, responding to request for proposals and learning the tricks of the trade to writing the perfect grant submission.

Emma Raynes, Director of Programs at the Magnum Foundation
Laura Roumanos, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Photoville and United Photo Industries


5 – 5:45 pm:
An Afternoon with Jamel Shabazz

Being a photographer can be a fascinating and fulfilling career, but it doesn’t come without its obstacles. Jamel Shabazz will discuss his career, including how his art has evolved and lessons he’s learned. He is a Brooklyn-based photographer and has been documenting the streets of NYC since 1980 and exhibits his work around the globe. Jamal has unparalleled experience in his field and will share firsthand his insights and advice.

Jamal Shabazz, Photographer



And after the panels, don’t miss the chance to enter our food photography Instagram contest — stop by our pop-up booth, #CameraEatsFirst, in the beer garden where we’ll have fun props and pro lighting to help you capture your food truck finds. Every person who enters (21+) will receive a beer voucher and you might even win a PhotoShelter account or a custom designed t-shirt.

Credit: Photoville

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