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Exploring Iceland with Landscape Photographer Sophie Carr

Sophie Carr is a travel and landscape photographer based in Southwest London, specializing in the landscapes of Iceland. While she’s always been ...

Sophie Carr is a travel and landscape photographer based in Southwest London, specializing in the landscapes of Iceland. While she’s always been passionate about icy, mountainous and volcanic places, after a few trips to Iceland with her camera, it’s become her favorite place to visit.

We caught up with Sophie to learn how she got her start in travel photography, why Iceland has become her muse, how she uses PhotoShelter for her photo business, and more.

Read on to hear Sophie’s story then follow along on Instagram this week as she shares a selection of incredible Iceland photos and the stories behind them.

Cover photo by Sophie Carr

How did you get your start in photography?

I’ve been taking photographs for years when travelling, as I’ve always been an avid traveller (including two year-long round-the-world trips in 2000 and 2004). I began taking photos every day when I walked to work along the River Thames in London in 2009, just on a point and shoot, but it really got my interest up.

Eventually I started my regular trips to Iceland (from March 2012) and my passion has grown since then – I guess Iceland has been my muse! I still love to travel to other countries, but Iceland is somewhere that I’ll always visit.

Tell us a little bit about your travels to Iceland. How did you first end up there and why has it been such a special place for you to photograph over the years?

I first visited Iceland with a friend from New Zealand on a dark, windy, rainy cold weekend in late October 2002 and was captivated by the raw, stark beauty. It was just so bleak and desolate but I loved it! I didn’t revisit until 2009 when I went to visit some friends and travelled around a bit. I decided to go alone for a photography trip in March 2012, having finished a day-job and having some free time. It was quite an experience, including only about 6 hours of sun in total during a 10-day trip.

But it got to me – there’s always something to photograph, something to explore, some magic. It became an annual trip, and then soon after I was visiting twice a year, and then last year I managed to visit three times, including a 7-week long one! I cannot imagine spending more than 6 months away from it now. I miss the place as soon as I step foot on the plane to leave.

This is probably my favourite ever photograph from Iceland – capturing the movement of the waves as they recede over little icebergs at Jökulsárlón beach. The timing was just perfect, even if the weather was a little dull. I call it the Octopus!

What’s one tip you would give to aspiring travel and landscape photographers?

Find somewhere that you love and revisit – I think I’ve learned as a photographer by going back to Iceland again and again and really getting to know it. And also be very self-critical with your work, understanding what you don’t like about certain photos and learning how to improve. 

How long have you been using PhotoShelter? How does it help with your creative workflow and/or your photo business? 

I’ve been using PhotoShelter since 2012. I find it really easy to use, both in setting up the design, and the whole workflow including tools for clients, such as lightboxes or quick downloads.

 What’s your favorite PhotoShelter tool or feature that you use most often? 

I like the ability to set discount coupons and image packages (I’ve only recently discovered these). I find these are a great way to engage with customers, new and old

If you want to see more of Sophie’s work, head over to our Instagram and show her some support! She’s sharing photos from her travels to Iceland all week.

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