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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100 for the Photographer in Your Life

If you’re like us, you probably waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. Never fear – there’s still a little time to score t...

If you’re like us, you probably waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. Never fear – there’s still a little time to score the perfect gift for the photographer in your life!

We’ve compiled some of the best gifts this year you can snag for under $100 that are sure to be a hit with any photographer, from novices to the seasoned pros. Check out these great options and be sure to grab them before it’s too late.

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White Balance Cards: Simple, cheap, and effective, white balance cards are something every photographer needs in their bag. $7 and up.

Photo credit Altura

Camera Strap: A good camera strap is absolutely critical for the photographer in your life who’s constantly on the move or might be a little accident-prone. This strap by Altura has a quick release and safety tether to ensure your equipment stays safe! $17.99

Photo credit LimoStudio

Umbrella Lighting Kit: High-quality lighting doesn’t have to come at a high price! This affordable soft lighting umbrella lighting kit includes tripod stands, bulbs, umbrellas and a carrying case to get professional lighting at an amateur price. $70.62

Photo credit Moment

Power Bank: A large power bank is perfect for the adventure photographer who spends extended time shooting off the grid and needs that extra boost. This battery pack by Omni charge has a massive 12,800 mAh capacity and features wireless charging. With a battery like this, you can be sure your equipment is never dead when you need it. $79.99

Photo credit JOBY

Lightweight Tripod: A good tripod is an essential piece of equipment for any photographer. This GorillaPod 3K is especially useful as it can be bent around any object and grip even the most unstable of surfaces. Pretty nifty if you ask us. $49.95

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SD Cards: Although these aren’t the most glamorous gift, we guarantee the photographer in your life will appreciate having a few more memory cards on-hand. It never hurts to have backups, plus nothing is more frustrating than running out of space during a shoot. $19.95

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Digital Filter Kit: If you want to give your photographer a big step forward at a low price check out some digital filters! This kit from Hoya is high quality and a UV(C) Filter, Circular Polarizer Filter. Plus, you’ve got a convenient carrying pouch to keep it all organized. Just be sure to get the right size for your camera! $60.00

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Phottix Light Reflector: A reflector is an easy way to get the most out of your lighting and gives you more control over your shots. This 5-in-1 reflector is a great value and has 5 different features so you can get the perfect light – no matter what you’re shooting.

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Rain Sleeves: While many events have been cancelled, all year we’ve heard about the uptick in photographers trying their hands at landscape photography. Since the elements are unpredictable, be prepared for any weather with a rain cover for your DSLR. It’s not the most glamorous gift for a photographer but it’s cheap, simple and a lifesaver when the weather goes south. $6.95

Photo credit HEX

Camera Bag: This bag from Hex has great organizational tools, room for a DSLR and accessories, a rain cover, a ton of pockets and is reasonably priced. Grab this long lasting durable gift for the photographer in your life for just under $100.

Photo credit Amazon

22 Inch HD Monitor: 2020 has been a great year to upgrade your home office and get the most out of your technology. If you don’t have one already, having a second monitor can make all the difference when it comes to editing and managing photos. We recommend something that’s at least 20 inches. Check out this great deal from ViewSonic for only $89.99.

(If you’ve got more than $100 in your budget, the choices are endless.)

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Remote Shutter Release: No gear bag is complete without a remote shutter release. These useful tools can allow you to take sweet selfies, pictures of the entire family (including you) or eliminate movement. This one from Canon is a best seller for a reason. $42.95

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Bubble Level: There’s nothing more important when setting up a perfect shot than making sure your camera is level. While straightening in Lightroom is always an option, going for an old school bubble level never hurt. Now you can get those perfect shots of the horizon. (Bonus points for helping when you print and hang your photos in the future!) With its size it also makes a great stocking stuffer. $17.99.

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Microfiber Cloths: A few good microfiber cloths are essential to have on hand at all times. Keeping everything clean and dry can make all the difference. This kit from Zeiss includes cleaning spray and a high-quality cloth to keep lenses crystal clear. $6.99 

For just another $9 why not add a 10 pack of quality cleaning cloths to have in the bag.

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15. External Hard Drive: Like SD cards, you can never have enough external storage. With files getting larger and larger, space is more precious than ever. 1TB hard drives can now be carried in a back pocket, so what’s the harm in gifting one more? $50 and up.

Hopefully, these ideas can inspire you to find the right present for the photographer in your life (yes, that might include you). We promise they’ll be happy with any of these affordable and useful accessories.

Have another idea for a gift under $100? Drop the link below!

NOTE: None of the above links are affiliate links. PhotoShelter makes no money from sharing these recommendations.

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