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Personality Traits & Skills Photo Buyers DON’T Want in Photographers

It’s time to stop guessing what photo buyers want and find out the truth: what personality traits and business skills do they look for in the pho...

It’s time to stop guessing what photo buyers want and find out the truth: what personality traits and business skills do they look for in the photographers that they hire?

To get the answer to this question and more, we went straight to the source – the image buyers, photo editors, and creatives themselves. In fact, PhotoShelter has partnered with Agency Access for the second year in a row to survey over 1,000 buyers worldwide to find out what photo buyers want – and what they really don’t want – from photographers.

The result is the 2012 Survey: What Buyers Want from Photographers, packed with key insights to help photographers improve their marketing efforts, enhance their brand, and – most importantly – get hired.

Who are the survey participants?

Personality traits & skills buyers DON’T look for:

We asked buyers, “What makes working with a photographer a negative experience?” Many photo buyers responded that obstacles occur when a photographer’s ego gets in the way. (The word “ego” was often replaced with “diva” or “prima donna.”) On top of a photographer’s bad attitude, here’s a list of traits that can cause a buyer to look elsewhere for talent:

Personality traits & skills buyers DO look for:

We also asked, “What makes working with photographers a positive experience?” Photo buyers let us know loud and clear: attitude matters. Excellent photography skills are important, but a successful shoot often comes down to a photographer’s personality. Are they problem solvers? Can they work well with others? Are they professional and approachable? When it comes to getting rehired, personal skills are king. Here are a few of the top characteristics they look for in a photographer:

A few words of wisdom from the buyers:

“Every shoot is a group effort, so you have to be willing to give and take. Adaptation is a very important skill to master.” ~Photo Editor, Editorial Publication

“I look for a friendly, easygoing and positive attitude. Someone who is straightforward in their communication style, can take constructive criticism, and work in a collaborative and adaptable way.” ~Art Designer, Book Publisher

Responsiveness and a sense that we can rely on them to get the job done in a timely manner is key. It also helps that they can work with other people in a friendly way, even under stressful conditions.” ~Art Director, Advertising Agency

Want more insights and tips to help you get hired?

The 2012 Survey: What Buyers Want from Photographers breaks down communication barriers between photographers and their potential clients so you can gather concrete feedback on what works. Find out more about how buyers want to be pitched, if they actually use social media to find new photographers, and what makes for a compelling websites that can get you the job. Use these stats, trends, and insider tips to connect with buyers and grow your photography business.

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