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WATCH: Safety for Photojournalists Attending Protests

Since May 26th, there have been 291 recorded incidents of police attacks on journalists covering the George Floyd protests around the country. That...

Since May 26th, there have been 291 recorded incidents of police attacks on journalists covering the George Floyd protests around the country. That amounts to a staggering average of 19.4 events per day. We have seen journalists wrongfully arrested, shot with rubber bullets and pepper spray, and clubbed by authorities—as many of them helplessly flash press passes and identify themselves as members of the press.

Attacks on the press violate the First Amendment and here at PhotoShelter we are committed to keeping a close eye on any such events. But recording attacks is only one piece of the puzzle. What else can be done during such unprecedented times? The press can and should be equipped with the necessary tools to protect themselves and fellow journalists.   

Joined by NPPA’s Executive Director Akili Ramsess, Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation Harlo Holmes, and founder and executive director of Global Journalist Security Frank Smyth, our latest webinar featured a panel discussion all about protective measures photojournalists should take when photographing protests.

Watch to learn: 

  • Preparatory steps photographers should take BEFORE they cover a protest
  • Digital and physical security tips to help everyone stay safe 
  • How best to handle press credentials in intense situations 
  • How to handle usage rights (hint: don’t give photos away for free!!) 

 On-Demand Webinar: Safety for Photojournalists Attending Protests

You can find the full transcript here. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

Resources Mentioned with Timestamps

4:37 – US Press Freedom Tracker via Freedom of the Press Foundation & CPJ

15:05 – Clearview AI via The New York Times

21:40 – NPPA’s General Counsel Mickey Osterreicher

22:55 – Educating law enforcement via NPPA 

23:03 – Press Freedom Defense Fund 

23:12 – First Look Media 

23:32 – Legal Defense Initiative 

25:30 – Ga. Coalition: Journalists Attacked, Arrested On U.S. Streets As Protests Escalate via WABE 

26:13 – NPPA urges accountability for police who violate journalists’ rights 

31:41 – CNN’s Omar Jiminez arrest 

42:15 – Why Darnella Frazier Is the Most Influential Filmmaker of the Century via The Wrap 

42:52 – NPPA press credentials 

44:00 – NPPA safety and awareness tips 

45:30 – Signal app 

47:56 – Wire app 

49:15 – goTenna

52:38 – Know Your Rights If Stopped for Photographing in Public via ACLU

53:15 – Mickey’s number 

55:56 – Todd Bigelow on Getting Your Personal Project Published 

56:41 – NPPA Business Calculator 

56:51 – Todd Bigelow 

58:07 – Lesson for all young photojournalists via Todd Bigelow Twitter 

1:00:13 – Mention of Reuters providing PPE and rental cars to photogs via Petapixel  

1:00:44 – NPPA emergency relief fund for photographers 

1:05:13 – NPPA student membership 

1:07:34 – Instagram’s Moral Imperative

1:10:49 – WITNESS 

1:15:42 – The Photographer’s Guide to Inclusive Photography

Additional Resources

Have more questions about how journalists can stay safe during a protest? Tweet @photoshelter — we want to keep this conversation going.

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