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The Best Photography Blog Posts of 2012

  It’s become  a tradition on our blog to round up the year’s best photography blog posts from across the industry. That may seem daunting on...


It’s become  a tradition on our blog to round up the year’s best photography blog posts from across the industry. That may seem daunting only because there’s no shortage of content on the web. But if you can shift through all the noise, you’ll find that there are a handful of notable voices that regularly update us, and at times, uplift us.

So in tribute of everything that was documented, expressed, and reviewed in 2012, here’s the run down of our favorite blog posts from 2012. They’re educational, inspirational, and just plain useful.

Special thanks to the photo blogging community for sharing your tips, recommendations, inspiration, and of course – great photography.

Photography Business Advice & Guidance

Excuses, Excuses (series) – Carolyn E. Wright, Photo Attorney

This Photograph Is Not Free –  John Mueller, PetaPixel

Stolen Logo? What Would You Do? – Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor

10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago About Being a Professional Wedding Photographer – Stephanie Zettl, Tiffinbox

Amy V. Cooper (Buyer Interview) – Jasmine DeFoore, I Love Texas Photo

17 Things Photographers Should Not Do – Rosh Sillars, Photographer

10 Ways To Improve as a Photographer – Jim Goldstein, Photographer

4 Ways to Say “No” With Tact – Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor

Broken Promises and Stock Photography – Paul Melcher, Black Star Rising

Biz Down or Stagnant? 10 Things To Do Now! – Blake Discher,

Small Business Smarts For Photographers – Jared Bauman, Tiffinbox

Cooperation Replaces a Lone Wolf Approach to Photography – James Estrin, Lens Blog

Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack” – Nikki Wagner, PetaPixel

via PetaPixel/Why wedding photographers’ prices are “wack”

Marketing Your Photography

10 Tips to Help Photographers Break Into Advertising – Jennifer Kilberg, FluidVision, via Agency Access’ The Lab

7 Myths About Portfolio Reviews Debunked – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

8 Must-Haves for Your Next Professional Contract – Heather Elder, via Agency Access’ The Lab

Expert Advice: Writing a Photographer Bio – Maria Luci, Wonderful Machine

Basic Social Media Marketing Plan: Photography – Rosh Sillars, Photographer

What Not To Do With Your Direct Mail – Heather Elder, via Agency Access’ The Lab

Will an Art Buyer Really Read Your Blog? – Louisa Curtis, Chatterbox Enterprises, via Agency Access’ The Lab

Don’t Be Boiled Alive: 4 Keys to Staying Relevant – Blake Discher,

Are Photography Contests Worthwhile or Worthless? – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Photo by Samuel Aranda/Are photography contests worthwhile or worthless?

Photo Technique & Workflow Tips

Guest Blog Featuring Brian Smith on Secrets of Great Portrait Photography – Scott Kelby, Photoshop Insider

Want to Know How Astronauts Photograph in Space? – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Which Light Modifier Do I Choose? – Travis Lawton, The Phoblographer

On Photographing People (series) – Sara Lando, via Strobist

Putting the Post in Post-Processing – Jim Goldstein, Photographer

How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad By Lee Morris – Lee Morris, Fstoppers

VSCO Film 02 Review – John Keatley, Photographer

Editing Your Portfolio – Zack Arias, Photographer

Friday Night Lights – David Hobby, Strobist

What Lens for Portraits? – Brian Smith, Photographer

Six Standout Night Photography Tips to Help You Master the Craft – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Photo by Grant Kaye/6 standout night photography tips

Gear Reviews & Recommendations

Battle of the Street Photography Focal Lengths: 24mm 35mm 50mm or 85mm – Chris Gampat, The Phoblographer

The 40+ Items Every Photography Assistant Needs Now – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

How to Increase the Performance of Your Canon Kit Lens – Nicolaj Ma, PetaPixel

Nikon D600 Review – Zoltan Arva-Toth, Photography Blog

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Review – Mark Goldstein, Photography Blog

Overpriced Items That I Can’t Live Without – Syv Ritch,

Nikon D4 Project – Motion & Stills – Corey Rich, Photographer

Photo by by Shawn Corrigan/The 40+ items every photo assistant needs


Rant: I Love Photography – Allen Murabayashi, The PhotoShelter Blog

Failure as Friend – Dan Milnor, Photographer

Interview with Nick Ut, the Photojournalist Who Shot the Iconic “Napalm Girl” Photo – Michael Zhang, Peta Pixel

Mike Kane Zine Interview – Jasmine DeFoore, Photo Consultant

What I Learned From Grandma – Lindsay Adler, Photographer

How To Find The Courage To Be Creative – Scott Bourne, Photofocus

How To Improve Your Photography Literally Overnight – Really – Scott Bourne, Photofocus

Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images – Jakob Schiller, Wired

Learning How To Cry, To Be A Girl – And To Be A CEO – Miki Johnson, via Women 2.0

Life Without Her – Kevin German, LUCEO

Visions of  Blind Photographer – Julie Turkewitz, Lens Blog

David Burnett Talks Film and Photojournalism – Tim Barribeau, Pop Photo

Photo by Allen Murabayashi/Rant: Why I love photography

In My Opinion…

Op-Ed: Why I Sold Everything for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 – Andy Hendriksen, The Phoblographer

Hey Photographers! Pinterest is Not for You – Allen Murabayashi, The PhotoShelter Blog

“Morning After” Photography: The Real Story – Michelle Jonne, via The Photo Brigade

Size That Counts: Plus Size Models – Lindsay Adler, Photographer

Should Retouchers Get Equal Credit? – Jeremy Cowart, Photography

I Love My New Camera – Brad Mangin, via The Photo Brigade

Why Instagram is Terrible for Photographers, and Why You Should Use It – Allen Murabayashi, The PhotoShelter Blog

The Difference Between a Photographer and an Artist – Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer

Has The Commerce vs. Craft Conundrum Killed Your Passion? – Ron Dawson, Tiffinbox

When Interest Creates a Conflict – James Estrin, Lens Blog

Wedding Photographers Deserve Our Respect – Zack Arias, Photographer

Photos by Brad Mangin/Why Instagram is terrible and why you should use it

Notable Photography Projects

Lebron, Wade, and I – Chip Litherland, Photographer

Teen Girl Shoots Beautiful and Creative Portraits of Her Pet Dogs – Michael Zhang, PetaPixel

Timo Klos’s Bus Stops To Nowhere – James Pomerantz, The New Yorker

Matthew Mahon Feature – Jay DeFoore, I Love Texas Photo

Danny DeVito in 8×10 – Maria Luci, Wonderful Machine

Traveling Aboard Air Force One – Luke Sharrett, via The Photo Brigade

The Story Behind the Internet’s Most Popular Photo – Brent Rose, Gizmodo

The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris – Less Morris, Fstoppers

Sex Trafficking in The Philippines – John Keatley, Photographer

Memento Mori – Yun-Fei Tou, FotoVisura

Dear Photograph by Nancy – Dear Photograph

The Effects of Climate Change on the Southern Coast of Thailand – Gavin Gough, Photographer

99 Faces of Occupy Wall Street – August Bradley, Photography Served

Dear Photograph, I’m so proud my boys childhood dreams were made of bravery, honor and valor. Fifteen years later, dreams really do come true. -Nancy

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