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We asked photographers: Why do you love photography?

Our love for photography runs deep. We are, after all, a company founded by photographers driven by a passion to help creative people thrive. In a ...

Our love for photography runs deep. We are, after all, a company founded by photographers driven by a passion to help creative people thrive.

In a world that’s hungry for connection, photography has become universally loved and appreciated across cultures and generations. It’s a language we can all understand and an art form that never ceases to amaze or inform the masses (It’s important to note that we recognize that being a photographer is not without its challenges).

There are a million and one reasons to love photography. And we want to celebrate all of the unique perspectives out there. We gathered up a mix of direct responses and inspiring tweets from the photo community to help illustrate just how special photography can be.

Let us know why you love photography. Share your story on Twitter (tag @photoshelter) or in the comments below!

Caroline Gutman

The artistic aspects of photography are what I first fell in love with: experimenting with subject, intention, style, technique and medium. With photojournalism, I love getting to know people and their worlds, as well as often helping to advance a story focused on social issues.

Joanie Simon

I love photography because it’s a fast-paced creative medium. I love creating imagery, but don’t have the time or patience for painting or sculpting.

Abbie Parr

I love photography because there’s always the chance I’ll leave an assignment at the end of the day having photographed my new favorite photo in my portfolio. The excitement of never knowing what you will come out with after an assignment is what keeps me loving this job!

Cate Brown

I love photography because it allows me to pursue both my hobbies and my career. It allows me to be both technical and artistic. It helps me showcase how I see the world, and how I want to see the world. It is simply everything all at once, and I love that.

Jean Fruth

What I love about photography is the journey. My camera is an entrée into worlds I would otherwise never be in, and it lets me connect with people I might never have met. 

Daniel J. Cox

There are several answers to this question. But the number one answer is that photography allows me to share how beautiful our planet and its creatures are. If people don’t know about something, they don’t care. From the earliest days of being able to walk, I’ve spent time outdoors. So I’ve been lucky to understand and see firsthand what a special place our planet and its creatures are. I can’t imagine losing animals and wild places that are so inspiring. My only way to help educate people is to share my work. It’s more a part of what I do today than my entire 40-year career. I honestly believe I’m here for one purpose. To help people appreciate what this planet offers.

Julia Wimmerlin

I love the versatility and the freedom it provides – being a photographer you can have 365 days very different from each other and still doing the same – pressing the shutter button.

Sophie Carr

Why do I love photography? It gives me the excuse and opportunity to visit and capture such beautiful places around the world. I particularly love the landscapes of Iceland and photographing them allows me to spend more time in that landscape, getting to know it well, in all kinds of weather conditions. I love to share my perspective on that beauty with people through my photos.

Jim Richardson

Photography has given me the tools and motivation to look closely at the world, to pay attention, to engage, to see in order to understand, and so has made my life richer. Some moments are laden with excitement and adrenaline. But beyond those fleeting encounters there is the steady work of seeing and making images that have some value, that can do some good. That is honorable work and I love it.

Deanne Fitzmaurice

Photography takes us down new paths and expands our vision with enriching new experiences and stories that help us understand the world and our place in it.

Lars Moeller

Photography is fantastic because a picture is great if I say so! In other words…two plus two is not necessarily four.

Darina Kopcok

I’ve explored many forms of visual art but I love photography because of the power it has to communicate so much in a single snapshot. Even the simplest photo has a narrative within. I gravitate to food and still life photography because it’s my way of creating beauty for others. Take a shot of your meal at a restaurant, and the result won’t be very appetizing, but with lighting, styling, and intentional composition, that same dish is transformed into something that invites an emotional response and connection and can tell the story of a time, or place, or culture.

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