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Automate Your Social Media Content Distribution

Socialie helps you grow your reach and expand your audience by tapping into your network of influencers. Empowering an army of content publishers is as easy as opening a text.

Unlock the Power of Your Network

Socialie shares your branded content to managers of non-brand channels, helping you reach audiences you otherwise couldn’t.

Grow Your Social Reach by 10x

Quickly empower all the channels that influence your consumers, increasing your reach 10x on average.

Make It Easy on Your Publishers

Increase adoption by sending content the way your publishers want it so they can get posts live faster.

Do More with Less

Automate the parts of your workflow you like the least while tracking the metrics that matter the most.

Right Content. Right Channel. Right Time.

Automate workflows and help influencers share your content on their channels instantly.

    • One-Click Posting

      Send a single piece of content to make it easy for stakeholders to post with one click. You can also send content in batches to give your stakeholders more options.

    • Suggested Captions & More

      Include the bells and whistles required to make posts shine — suggested captions, scheduled dates and times, internal messages, and photographer/brand credits.

    • Flexible Notification Options

      Notify publishers via text, email, push notification, WhatsApp, or X (Twitter) DM. Stakeholders can immediately post or save media to post natively.

    • Magic Tracking

      Track all your suggested content, no matter how it was altered after delivery. Socialie tracks any content in your media library on any tracked social accounts.

    • Buffalo Bills save 10 hours per week on content distribution using Socialie & PhotoShelter

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      “[Socialie] has saved us 10 hours per week of sending players photos. The moment a photo is uploaded, it’s automatically tagged with the player’s name, and it gets sent to that player’s phone. It got infinitely easier once we started using PhotoShelter [and Socialie].”

      Brand Photographer, Buffalo Bills

    • PhotoShelter and Socialie empower ATP players to publish high-quality content on and off the court

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      “For our content distribution strategy, it was important for us to give our players access to their full archive of content in addition to making sure they received real-time content quickly and efficiently around the clock. With Socialie, we’ve been able to distill content from global stakeholders into a simple experience for our players, whilst not adding any additional steps to our workflows.”

      Chief Tour Officer, ATP Tour

    • San Francisco 49ers get photos from the field to social media in real time with PhotoShelter and Socialie

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      “We’re going from the field into PhotoShelter so our team can access photos wherever they’re at. And then how we push content to our players is through Socialie… We’re really getting it in real time.”

      Team Photographer, San Francisco 49ers

    • PhotoShelter and Socialie help the Chiefs share assets with players and fans in real time for maximum reach

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      “We use Socialie connected to PhotoShelter a lot, especially on game day…to share images directly to the players.”

      Steve Sanders, Team Photographer, Kansas City Chiefs

    • Steelers share images in real time and manage their archive with PhotoShelter and Socialie

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      “[PhotoShelter] allows me to share images in real time…and distribute to social, marketing teams [and athletes]”

      Manager of Photography, Pittsburgh Steelers

    • Detroit Lions get photos from field to fans in <60 seconds

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      “[With PhotoShelter and Socialie] we can send, edit, upload photos [from the game] within less than a minute.”

      Team Photographer & Assistant Creative Director, Detroit Lions

    • NFL gets content from field to fans with PhotoShelter & Socialie

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      “We often get specific requests from players. They’ll ask us for photos of their outfits when they get off the bus, etc. We want them to be active on social media so if they’re asking us for something, we’re going to do everything we can to get it to them. We also get constant requests from other groups for specific photos, so we have a weekly shot list that we aim to get to.”

      Ben Liebenberg, NFL Director of Photography

    Integrate with Tools Your Team Uses Every Day

    Socialie’s integrations help you streamline your team’s efficiency and expand your reach faster. Socialie integrates with the following tools:

    • Video tools: WSC, Grabyo
    • Graphics tools: PressBox Graphics, Azzuu
    • Editorial Image Libraries: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Associated Press, Imagn
    • DAM: PhotoShelter, Aprimo, Capture, AssetBank, Bynder, Brandfolder
    • Storage Drives: Dropbox, Box, AWS S3

    Scale your brand’s content distribution with Socialie