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Scale Your User-Generated Content Program

Socialie allows you to request content on-demand from anyone and build a content engine of photos and videos you can use to drive engagement.

Create More Content with Fewer Resources

Tap into your stakeholder ecosystem to source more content with less effort (and money).

Build Brand Authenticity

First-person content delivers a genuine experience to your audiences, leading to more trust and user engagement.

Develop a Scalable Content Engine

Request content on-demand from anyone and develop an archive of authentic, rights-free content for your brand.

Cultivate Authentic Brand Content

Content production is time-consuming and expensive. Socialie helps you enhance your owned channels with content generated by your brand’s publishers and fans.

    • Detailed Content Requests

      Send publishers instructions and guidelines to request specific types of photos or videos.

    • QR Codes & URLs

      Invite fans to send you content with a branded QR code or URL. Promote your request through social, email, or even the jumbotron!

    • Flexible Deadlines

      Set a specific deadline for time-sensitive content, or create “always-on” requests for a perpetual stream of fresh content.

    • Centralized Media Library

      All user-generated content flows directly into your library where you can review, rate, batch, and download in seconds.

    Get the content your brand needs most with Socialie