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The Proven Digital Asset Management Solution for Sports

How PhotoShelter helps sports marketers & creatives:

  • Get your digital archive in shape 
  • Upload game content in real-time
  • Auto-tag athletes (even with helmets), brands, and more with AI
  • Set up access permissions for sponsors, press, and partners

Our upgraded UI brings you the most modern, intuitive DAM on the market

Digital Asset Management Solution Chosen by Top Sports Organizations

  • The Jets engage fans thumb-stopping photography leveraging PhotoShelter’s real-time workflow

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    “You lose the power of the moment if you’re posting it a day later…our Instagram growth rate has gone up 380% this year over the last month vs. last year at the same time.”

    Director of Digital/Social Media, New York Jets

  • PhotoShelter and Socialie help the Chiefs share assets with players and fans in real time for maximum reach

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    “We use Socialie connected to PhotoShelter a lot, especially on game day…to share images directly to the players.”

    Team Photographer, Kansas City Chiefs

  • NASCAR’s editorial team jumpstarts searchability and productivity with PhotoShelter

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    “PhotoShelter is perfect for what we do. It’s your perfect one-stop shop to house all of your media. I honestly can’t think of anything that we wish it did that it doesn’t do now.”

    Manager of Editorial, NASCAR

  • Burnley uses PhotoShelter AI to share content faster to its 3M+ fans and maximize ROI

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    “The use of images now is extensive, from YouTube thumbnails to social media posts. PhotoShelter helps make sure everyone within the team is using the best available images we’ve got and that they’re easy to find and source — ensuring that our content is the best it can possibly be.”

    Media and Marketing Director, Burnley FC

  • The MLB protects and shares its 2M+ assets spanning 150+ years of history

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    “One of the best things we’ve done is to have our digital content uploaded to our PhotoShelter site. It’s been invaluable to have that content at our fingertips. The Integrated Accounts feature has played an essential role. It’s allowed us to continue to evolve and enhance our photographers’ ability to execute tasks without that additional workload.”

    Senior Director, MLB Photos

  • How University of Miami Athletics has instant access to 500K+ Images

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    “Having reliable, solid photography helps engage fans and hopefully gets them interested in attending events. Having photographers is the first step, but being able to access those photos in a quick and convenient fashion is a big benefit. The searchability and the user-friendliness of PhotoShelter is far better than anything we had in the past.”

    Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Digital Strategy, University of Miami

  • NFL gets content from field to fans with PhotoShelter & Socialie

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    “We often get specific requests from players. They’ll ask us for photos of their outfits when they get off the bus, etc. We want them to be active on social media so if they’re asking us for something, we’re going to do everything we can to get it to them. We also get constant requests from other groups for specific photos, so we have a weekly shot list that we aim to get to.”

    Ben Liebenberg, NFL Director of Photography

How NFL Teams Use PhotoShelter & Socialie

  • Detroit Lions get photos from field to fans in <60 seconds

    Watch how the Detroit Lions photography team leverages PhotoShelter and Socialie to get their photos from the game to their social/marketing teams’ and athletes’ hands in a matter of seconds.

  • Steelers share images in real time and manage their archive with PhotoShelter and Socialie

    Hear directly from the Steelers team about how they leverage PhotoShelter and Socialie to power their real-time workflows.

  • How the Atlanta Falcons control their brand with PhotoShelter and Socialie

    Listen to the Falcons’ Sr. Manager of Photography, and Photo Editor and Digital Asset Coordinator on how they’re leveraging the power of PhotoShelter‘s DAM capabilities in combination with Socialie‘s content distribution features to create an automated workflow

Grow Your Brand with a Game-Changing DAM

Publish Game-Day Content Instantly

Go from lens to social media in seconds. Your photographer snaps a photo on the field and you can put it in the hands of your athletes or post it online instantly. Use PhotoShelter AI tools like RosterID and BrandID to tag players and sponsors quickly and automatically.

Find Content You Need Faster & Easier

Spend less time searching and more time on your team’s next big play. Use PhotoShelter’s metadata-less AI search to find images buried in your library you’d never think to tag.

Take Teamwork to the Next Level

Share content effortlessly with your team at every level of your organization. With a unified content ecosystem, everyone can work collectively to reach your team’s goals.

File organization and messaging

Achieve Your Content Goals with Data

Know your content wins and losses by tracking key content metrics and getting alerts any time your content is posted on social media. Prove the ROI of your content and plan future projects with confidence.

Empower Your Athletes with Content to 10x Your Brand Reach

Accelerate your post-game workflow and increase fan engagement on social media with content distribution integrations that get images to athletes, sponsors, and other stakeholders before the final buzzer.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

PhotoShelter’s single sign-on feature (SSO), centralized user management, and strong reporting tools ensure that only authorized persons access sensitive files. Plus, all PhotoShelter data storage facilities limit access to only authorized individuals in guarded facilities.

Lens to Live in 60 Seconds with Real-Time Workflow

Don’t miss the moment. Meet your audience’s demand for content with lightning-fast uploads directly from your camera to PhotoShelter and then social media from PhotoShelter.

Onboard in as Few as Three Days

We set you up for success from day one. Your personal onboarding manager will provide training and help you get maximum ROI from PhotoShelter.

Unlock an unbeatable workflow with PhotoShelter