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The Digital Asset Management Solution Built By Creatives, for Creatives

Maximize your creative impact with PhotoShelter:

  • Cut down on manual content requests and provide controlled access to assets 
  • Spend less time on admin tasks and more time on creative work
  • Have peace of mind that your assets are secure and protected

The Trusted DAM for Creative Professionals

  • How Hartford HealthCare streamlines workflow across 37k+ colleagues with PhotoShelter

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    “When we adopted PhotoShelter, it was a huge difference. The photographers started spending less time answering email requests for specific images; it became much more of a self-service model.”

    Staff Photographer, Hartford HealthCare

  • The Red Sox use PhotoShelter’s real-time workflow to share content in seconds

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    “I would say with any given day we’re saving two to three hours of time that we would normally use searching online or searching through our databases or our servers trying to find the assets. It also saves a lot of time for people within our company. They don’t have to go digging through our archives.”

    Manager of Photography, Boston Red Sox

  • University of Florida tells campus’s biggest stories with platform built for sharing photos and videos

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    “One of the biggest benefits of [PhotoShelter] is we’re able to create large galleries of images that people can pull from on their own. The more time that we can spend creating stories instead of working on edits or transferring files to people, the more stories we can tell.”

    Art/Creative Director, University of Florida

  • SAP Center gets higher ROI out of concert imagery with a real-time photo workflow

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    “Because of PhotoShelter, it provides the opportunity to locate the best photography through each game, each event, instead of just pulling a random photo because people don’t have time to look through thousands of photos. It definitely gives them a chance to put the best photography forward.”

    Team Photographer, Sharks Sports and Entertainment

  • Applegate’s visual media library entices viewers on social media

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    “Ultimately, I think PhotoShelter is super important for the lifetime of the image — to be able to search for what you need. We might be shooting for a very specific need today, but we may need that photograph in a week or in two years and to be able to find that is invaluable. More than time saving, it allows us to use our images more fully because they are at our fingertips.”

    Creative Director, Applegate

How Creatives Get More Done

Save Time on Searching & Decrease Content Requests

With a centralized portal, PhotoShelter makes it easy to organize and manage content so anyone can find images fast. Plus, high-tech features like AI Visual Search help you uncover assets without the need for tagging.

Collaborate with Teammates to Get More Done

Streamline feedback and approvals in Workspaces to keep projects moving. Designers can even create branded templates for easy customization by teammates, cutting down on project bottlenecks.

Deliver Assets Instantly for Real-Time Content

Help your team get content live faster by harnessing the power of a real-time workflow to upload photos directly from your camera to PhotoShelter.

Create More Assets & Improve Content Quality

Content with visuals receives 94% more views than plain text. Save 16+ hours/month on average on admin work and have more time for the creative work your audience craves.

Integrate With Your Favorite Creative Tools

PhotoShelter integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Photo Mechanic, FotoBridge, and more for maximum efficiency.

Keep Track of Changes with Version Control

Maintain control over your assets by tracking edits, managing who can make changes, and deciding which version of an asset can be used. Easily compare and revert to previous versions as needed.

Lens to Live in 60 Seconds with Real-Time Workflow

Don’t miss the moment. Meet your audience’s demand for content with lightning-fast uploads directly from your camera to PhotoShelter and then social media from PhotoShelter.

Boost your creative impact with PhotoShelter