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Track Your Brand Content Performance Beyond Your Own Channels

  • Your own brand channels show just a fraction of your content’s performance online
  • Socialie measures performance on social profiles that share your branded content
  • Tap into your entire network, maximize your content ROI, and reach new audiences

Measure Content Performance on Non-Brand Channels

Tap into your entire stakeholder ecosystem to unlock new audiences on social media and measure your content performance on their social channels – even if they download, edit, and post directly.

Get Valuable Insights Beyond Your Brand Channels

Track how often your publishers are opening, downloading, and posting your content, who is the most/least active, and compare performance data, whether it’s by stakeholder, event, or year over year.

Every Metric You Need to Measure Success

Our powerful analytics dashboard shows you status, participation stats, content performance, social engagement, reach, impressions, and more.

Leverage Data to Expand Your Reach & Drive Results

Use tags to understand what content types are more popular and engage fans the most and send more of what’s working to your publishers to continue driving results.

Drive Revenue Gains by Auto-tracking Data to Showcase ROI

Demonstrate added value and tangible results beyond your own brand accounts to corporate partners, broadcast partners and more. Activate and collaborate with your key stakeholders as an extension of your social content strategy.

Full-Cycle Content Tracking

Track your suggested content at every step, with every publisher, on every platform, from open to publish.

    • Powerful Analytics Dashboard

      Know what content each publisher loves and what to suggest to post more frequently.

    • Easy to View, Export, Compare, and Share

      View metrics by date range to understand changes over time, and easily export data for presentations and reports.

    • Buffalo Bills save 10 hours per week on content distribution using Socialie & PhotoShelter

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      “[Socialie] has saved us 10 hours per week of sending players photos. The moment a photo is uploaded, it’s automatically tagged with the player’s name, and it gets sent to that player’s phone. It got infinitely easier once we started using PhotoShelter [and Socialie].”

      Brand Photographer, Buffalo Bills

    • PhotoShelter and Socialie empower ATP players to publish high-quality content on and off the court

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      “For our content distribution strategy, it was important for us to give our players access to their full archive of content in addition to making sure they received real-time content quickly and efficiently around the clock. With Socialie, we’ve been able to distill content from global stakeholders into a simple experience for our players, whilst not adding any additional steps to our workflows.”

      Chief Tour Officer, ATP Tour

    • San Francisco 49ers get photos from the field to social media in real time with PhotoShelter and Socialie

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      “We’re going from the field into PhotoShelter so our team can access photos wherever they’re at. And then how we push content to our players is through Socialie… We’re really getting it in real time.”

      Team Photographer, San Francisco 49ers

    • PhotoShelter and Socialie help the Chiefs share assets with players and fans in real time for maximum reach

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      “We use Socialie connected to PhotoShelter a lot, especially on game day… to share images directly to the players.”

      Steve Sanders, Team Photographer, Kansas City Chiefs

    • Steelers share images in real time and manage their archive with PhotoShelter and Socialie

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      “[PhotoShelter] allows me to share images in real time…and distribute to social, marketing teams [and athletes]”

      Manager of Photography, Pittsburgh Steelers

    • Detroit Lions get photos from field to fans in <60 seconds

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      “[With PhotoShelter and Socialie] we can send, edit, upload photos [from the game] within less than a minute.”

      Team Photographer & Assistant Creative Director, Detroit Lions

    • NFL gets content from field to fans with PhotoShelter & Socialie

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      “We often get specific requests from players. They’ll ask us for photos of their outfits when they get off the bus, etc. We want them to be active on social media so if they’re asking us for something, we’re going to do everything we can to get it to them. We also get constant requests from other groups for specific photos, so we have a weekly shot list that we aim to get to.”

      Ben Liebenberg, NFL Director of Photography

    Get your social media content distribution strategy on track with Socialie