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Revolutionize Your Workflow with PhotoShelter AI & Automation

  • Maximize the ROI of every asset with automated search and tagging
  • Find and share content effortlessly with PhotoShelter’s suite of AI tools
  • Get content from lens to live in 60 seconds with the power of AI

AI is Transforming the Future of Work for Marketers & Creatives

What 600+ industry pros had to say about AI and brand growth:

  • 78%

    believe believe that AI can increase their revenue

  • 82%

    believe that AI will redefine the future of branding and marketing

  • 71%

    said not embracing AI means losing their competitive edge

The Benefits of AI

Increase Content ROI

Leverage AI-powered search to uncover assets you’d never think to tag and extend the life of your existing content.

Share Content Easier

Auto-tag in real time so you can distribute content instantly to reach your audience at peak moments of engagement.

Save Time & Money

Save 16+ hours monthly and reduce expenses when you automate your workflow with AI.

PhotoShelter AI Features

    • AI Visual Search

      “People asked us for specific assets such as ‘photos of t-shirts being handed out’ for an event. Where would I even look? It’s not a metadata tag we would ever use. But when I typed “t-shirt” into AI Visual Search, it gave me dozens of results. Pretty incredible…That’s the power of AI. That’s what I think is really going to help us.”

      – Photo Manager, Brigham Young University

      Find Assets Easily
      Increase ROI
      Get Specific
      Make Assets Searchable
    • AI Video Transcription

      Turn around accessible video content in a flash

      Increase Engagement
      Improve Accessibility
      Get Accurate Captions Fast
    • ObjectID

      Automatically add simple tags to every image in your library.

      “[ObjectID] was the answer to our prayers…Now, our various state agency partners can find specific images that will work for them and resonate best with their audience.”

      – Marketing and Creative Manager, The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

      Save Hours
      Use Precise Keywords
      Find the Perfect Asset
    • RosterID

      Identify and tag your entire lineup in real time.

      “[RosterID] will help us save hundreds of hours tagging and organizing photos, enabling us to share content with our partners, players, and fans faster than ever before.”

      – Director of Marketing, Premier Lacrosse League

      Speed Up Distribution
      Amplify Your Reach
      Satisfy Audience Demand
    • BrandID

      Find and tag stakeholder logos and brands automatically.

      “When our partnerships and commercial team shows images to current partners, they can quickly [identify] photos with their brand from that specific game. [We’re driving] significant millions [in revenue in partnerships today].”

      – Media and Marketing Director, Burnley Football Club

      Show Partners the ROI
      Tag in Real Time
      Decrease Content Requests
    • PeopleID

      Let AI tag your company’s VIPs so you don’t have to.

      Boost Efficiency
      Stay Organized
      Share Photos Fast

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    AI Resources for Marketers & Creatives

    Discover what’s possible with PhotoShelter AI