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Digital Asset Management Software for Healthcare Providers

How we help your brand thrive:

  • Centralize your archive across your entire organization
  • Streamline your campaign workflow to drive patient visits
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance to protect patient data
  • Provide customizable permissions to control asset access

The Healthcare Marketer’s Guide

Learn how to build and grow your healthcare brand, plus:

  • Find out how other healthcare marketers are sourcing and creating visual content.
  • Understand how to effectively organize, manage, and distribute visual content.
  • Discover how to engage your larger audience to attract and retain patients.
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Trusted by Top Healthcare Organizations

  • Hartford HealthCare streamlines workflow across 37k+ colleagues with PhotoShelter

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    “Through PhotoShelter, we’ve been able to empower everybody in the organization to get what they need when they need it — and also discover things they didn’t know they needed. They can pull something down within a couple of minutes, versus probably hours or days.”

    Staff Photographer, Hartford HealthCare

  • Enhanced brand integrity helps Baptist Health reinforce its reputation

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    “PhotoShelter gets what we need into people’s hands quicker — and in an easier way. It’s very intuitive and straightforward.”

    Project Coordinator, Baptist Health

  • UMMS securely shares healthcare content to boost brand consistency and team collaboration

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    “The fact that we can completely lock down our site (only we know who’s coming, who’s going), grant access for certain things, and most importantly prevent the outside world from seeing a lot of our assets is crucial because we’re in the healthcare industry. I know I can sleep better at night knowing that those tools are in place.”

    Production Manager, University of Maryland Medical System

Grow Your Healthcare Brand

Search Made Simple for Your Healthcare Staff

PhotoShelter AI search helps you find what you need fast. Anyone with access to your portal can quickly locate the files they need and get projects done.

Tell Powerful Patient Stories with On-Brand Content

With a centralized library– your on-brand assets are always at your fingertips, so you can get campaigns out quickly that build trust with your community and show patients you care.

Heal Broken Communication Between Teams

Share content effortlessly with your team at every level of your organization. With a unified content ecosystem, everyone can work collectively to serve your health system’s mission.

Prove Content ROI with Confidence & Get Leadership Buy In

Track key metrics like daily downloads, search activity, and top search terms. Prove the ROI of your content, plan future projects with confidence, and get your budget requests approved.

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Protect Your Patients’ Privacy and Preserve HIPAA Compliance

Secure your assets, maintain HIPAA compliance, and decide who has what level of access with our private, secure storage system. Plus, reduce legal and financial risks related to image licensing with license expiration alerts.

Security Is Our Top Priority

PhotoShelter’s single sign-on feature (SSO), centralized user management, and strong reporting tools ensure that only authorized persons access e-PHI. Plus, all PhotoShelter data storage facilities limit access to only authorized individuals in guarded facilities.

Onboard in as Few as Three Days

We set you up for success from day one. Your personal onboarding manager will provide training and help you get maximum ROI from PhotoShelter.

Our upgraded UI brings you the most modern, intuitive DAM on the market