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Real-Time Workflow

Go from lens to live in seconds, be the first to reach your audience, and turnaround content faster than ever before.

  • Meet your audience’s demand for constant content
  • Capitalize on peak engagement during live events
  • Scale social content distribution and expand your reach

Control Your Brand Story & Boost Reach

When you’re the first, you shape the story. Capture your audience’s attention when engagement is at its peak and become the go-to source for content.

Maximize Content ROI

Turn images around in real time and repurpose them later on, getting more ROI from every piece of content you produce.

Cut Out Time-Sucking Tasks

Search and share your content in seconds with PhotoShelter AI-generated metadata that auto-tags people, objects, and brands.

Scale Content Distribution

Put content directly into the hands of athletes, influencers, and other stakeholders with key social media integrations that multiply your reach.

See PhotoShelter in Action

  • Real-Time Workflow 2.0: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling

    See examples of leading brands who hack their team’s productivity every day using PhotoShelter’s Real-Time Workflow.

  • How to Set Up a Real-Time Workflow

    Watch this DAM workshop with two talented university photographers who will give you the framework for faster, high-quality visual storytelling.

  • Mississippi State’s Real-Time Visual Storytelling Workflow

    See how this university is collaborating across campus, empowering student-athlete influencers, and sharing content in real time.

How it Works

Automating your real-time workflow is easy.

    • Snap & Upload Photos

      Use a Wi-Fi-enabled camera to capture images and Instantly transmit photos to a designated PhotoShelter gallery through an FTP connection from your camera.

    • Auto-tag images with PhotoShelter AI

      PhotoShelter AI helps you automatically tag people, objects, logos, jersey numbers, and more in your photos.

    • Distribute Content to Key Stakeholders

      Empowering all channels associated with your brand by sending them your quality content when you’re ready to post.

    • Get Full-Cycle Content Performance Analytics

      Find out what posts are performing the best for a winning, data-driven content strategy.

    Optimize Your Workflow with PhotoShelter Integrations

    Maximize workflow automation by connecting PhotoShelter to the other tools you use every day.

    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Asana
    • Box
    • Canva
    • Dropbox
    • Drupal
    • FotoBridge
    • Google Drive
    • Hootsuite Hootsuite Icon
    • Marq Marq Icon
    • Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Icon
    • Photo Mechanic Photo Mechanic Icon
    • SIDEARM Sports SIDEARM Sports Icon
    • Slack Slack Icon
    • Slate Slate Icon
    • Socialie Socialie Icon
    • WordPress WordPress Icon

    Get the right content in front of your audience in real-time with PhotoShelter.