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Secure Digital Asset Management Solutions for Government

Standardize asset management and create better content workflows with PhotoShelter:

  • Organize your visual assets in a centralized system
  • Collaborate effortlessly with federal, state, local, and private partners
  • Increase efficiency and productivity for more effective content
  • Customizable permissions esure only the right people have access to your assets

Our upgraded UI brings you the most modern, intuitive DAM on the market

Trusted by Local, State & Federal Government Organizations

  • USDA curates a centralized library to boost accessibility and efficiency

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    “We are required under Section 508, which is about digital access, to make sure that anybody has access to our resources regardless of any potential challenges that they face. So that really goes back to the keywording and metadata. Because by embedding that information within the file, everything you need is there.”

    Public Affairs Specialist, USDA

  • California government agency enhances media coverage and expands access to visual assets with PhotoShelter

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    “And once the images are there [in PhotoShelter], they’re available for the public. It’s not like a normal formal process like, in my old days as a picture editor at the newspaper, photographers would come to me, we would work together, and they would process images and then you would pass it on to a designer in that process.”

    Digital Librarian, California Department of Water Resources

  • Cloud-based image library preserves history for the Municipal Association of South Carolina

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    “People’s wheels are turning on how they can use this tool (PhotoShelter) in their positions, beyond just the communications area (think, claims adjusters who use photos to document claims).”

    Communications, Municipal Association of South Carolina

Boost Your Reach with Effective Public Content

Give Content Searchability a Major Upgrade

PhotoShelter AI helps you find what you need fast. That means anyone who has access to your PhotoShelter portal can quickly locate photos and videos on their own and you can stop fielding endless content requests.

Collaborate with Colleagues & Partners

PhotoShelter simplifies content sharing with flexible permissions options and collaboration tools that help you get things done together. Streamline project communication, asset approvals, and file downloads in one place.

Build More Compelling Campaigns

Find and use your best visual assets to maximize the impact of your content campaigns. Whether it’s an official PSA or a crucial fundraiser, high-quality images help you connect with your audience — stock photos don’t.

Prove Content ROI & Plan with Confidence

See the impact of each asset with key metrics like daily downloads. Plus, get insight into search activity in your PhotoShelter portal to plan future campaigns.

Maintain Security & Minimize Licensing Risks

Track image licensing details to avoid legal and financial risks. Customize user permissions and leverage our single sign-on feature (SSO) to ensure only the right people have access to sensitive images, videos, and documents. All PhotoShelter data storage facilities limit access to only authorized individuals in guarded facilities.

PhotoShelter Makes Section 508 Compliance Easier

With PhotoShelter, U.S. federal agencies can easily maintain all the keywords and metadata needed to build out alt tags in public content. Plus, PhotoShelter AI creates accessible videos instantly by automatically generating video captions.

AI tagging and video captions

Onboard in as Few as Three Days

We set you up for success from day one. Your personal onboarding manager will provide training and help you get maximum ROI from PhotoShelter.

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