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Digital Asset Management Software for Top Arts, Media & Entertainment Brands

Capture attention and engage your audience with exciting visual content:

  • Organize your entire organization’s visual assets for maximum accessibility
  • Collaborate seamlessly with freelance photographers, influencers, and external partners
  • Create captivating content with your best assets and launch campaigns faster
  • Control access to sensitive content and keep track of image licenses, copyrights, and more

Our upgraded UI brings you the most modern, intuitive DAM on the market

Trusted by Arts, Media & Entertainment Brands

  • Agency leverages DAM to elevate its client’s brand and expand its reach

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    “We are not only using PhotoShelter to be dynamic, but we are always distributing content as a remote organisation. This software allows us to mimic our same workflow while slowing it down, allowing us to take advantage of the different customisable features.”

    Director, Alligin UK

  • ASA Entertainment streamlines its creative workflows and collaborates in real time with PhotoShelter

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    “PhotoShelter provided tremendous feature value compared to competitors. Moreover, the preexisting relationships with other sports companies within our domain gave us the confidence we were making the correct decision.”

    Marketing & Sponsor Services Coordinator, ASA Entertainment

  • Texas Ballet Theater leverages PhotoShelter as its creative control center

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    “We share a good amount of content with our vendors and PR partners. PhotoShelter provides a holistic approach that meets all of our needs and, in some cases, dramatically exceeds our expectations.”

    Director of Marketing & Communications, Texas Ballet Theater

  • SAP Center gets higher ROI out of concert imagery with a real-time photo workflow

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    “Because of PhotoShelter, it provides the opportunity to locate the best photography through each game, each event, instead of just pulling a random photo because people don’t have time to look through thousands of photos. It definitely gives them a chance to put the best photography forward.”

    Team Photographer, Sharks Sports and Entertainment

  • Sports Illustrated automates its workflows and gets work done faster with PhotoShelter’s AI

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    “After photographers shoot large events, they used to get bogged down tagging and captioning hundreds of images. Now with the [PhotoShelter] AI it’s done in minutes.”

    Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated

Grow Your Entertainment Brand with Eye-Catching Content

Steal the Show with Original Photos

Organize your archive so you can ditch generic stock images and create unique, high-quality content that gets attention. Need to find something fast? AI Visual Search has your back — just describe what you’re looking for and watch it appear.

Step Up Your Post-Event Workflow

Go from lens to live in seconds and feed your audience’s need for content when it matters most. Use PhotoShelter AI tools like PeopleID and BrandID to tag performers and sponsors quickly and automatically.

AI tagging

Collaborate in Perfect Harmony with Colleagues & Partners

Collaborative Workspaces and customizable access levels ensure all your key stakeholders can easily view, approve, and download assets for creative projects in one place.

Launch Campaigns Fast & Get Better Results

Create promos, news stories, and social media campaigns faster than ever. High-quality content builds trust with your audience, leading to more views, visits, and sales.

Track Content Performance & Reach Your Goals

PhotoShelter Analytics helps you track key content metrics and get alerts any time your assets are posted to social media. With the right data, you can confidently prove ROI and plan future campaigns.

Protect Your Brand & Keep Assets Safe

Whether you work with A-list celebrities or local talent, managing image licensing details helps you avoid costly legal and financial risks. You can even customize permissions and include usage rights for each asset, all within PhotoShelter.

Lens to Live in 60 Seconds with Real-Time Workflow

Don’t miss the moment. Meet your audience’s demand for content with lightning-fast uploads directly from your camera to PhotoShelter and then social media.

Onboard in as Few as Three Days

We set you up for success from day one. Your personal onboarding manager will provide training and help you get maximum ROI from PhotoShelter.

Create a showstopping content workflow with PhotoShelter