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Digital Asset Management for Religious and Nonprofit Organizations

Amplify your nonprofit’s mission with compelling content:

  • Organize your entire organization’s visual assets and share them easily
  • Collaborate with partners around the globe to get campaigns out faster
  • Improve the quality of campaign content to generate more donations
  • Control access to your content with flexible permissions

Our upgraded UI brings you the most modern, intuitive DAM on the market

Trusted by Global Religious & Nonprofit Organizations

  • Food for the Hungry leverages DAM to achieve 33% increase in profitability over four years

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    “We can save lives by getting things out more quickly, and PhotoShelter is very intuitive. That has really fostered faster emails, faster social media campaigns, and just supporters worldwide in various countries.”

    Senior Communications Manager, Food for the Hungry

  • Global Heritage Fund doubles its website visits through compelling visual content

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    “The more people can experience the work you do, the more touch points you can create for them, and the easier it will be to get more people involved and donating. Creating a visual experience is a big component of that.”

    Director of Operations, Global Heritage Fund

  • Archdiocese of Denver stores 100+ years of assets in PhotoShelter

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    “In addition to needing a platform to store all of these assets on, we also needed a user-friendly platform to easily share brand assets, photos and other digital collateral with the many parishes and ministries that we support. We feel that PhotoShelter will allow us to accomplish this goal.”

    Managing Editor of the Denver Catholic, Archdiocese of Denver

  • Special Olympics creates and manages content for 4M+ athletes and coaches globally

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    “We have seven different regions around the world that supply information to us every day, on different platforms, in different formats. It’s important that we have editors in different time zones that can keep feeding the media assets that are captioned, tagged, and organized. They know there’s a one-stop shop for Special Olympics all the time, no matter where in the world they are.”

    VP of Content and Storytelling, Special Olympics

Deepen Your Organization’s Impact with Inspiring Content

Improve Content Quality to Generate Donations & Motivate Action

Stock images don’t inspire. Organize and manage your assets to ensure all the best ones make it into your campaigns.

Increase Efficiency & Find the Content You Need Fast

PhotoShelter AI makes tagging and searching easier using keywords specific to your organization and simple, visual search terms instead of manually inputting metadata.

Simplify Collaboration with Colleagues & Partners

Share content effortlessly whether you’re working in different states, time zones, or countries. With a unified content ecosystem, everyone can work collectively to amplify your nonprofit’s mission.

Complete Campaigns Faster & Achieve Fundraising Goals

Streamline your workflow so you can get more done, secure the funds your nonprofit needs, and move on to the next project.

Prove Content ROI & Get Leadership Buy-In

Track key content metrics to prove the ROI, show leadership the impact of high-quality content, and plan future donor campaigns with confidence.

Security Is Our Top Priority

PhotoShelter’s single sign-on feature (SSO), centralized user management, and strong reporting tools ensure that only authorized persons access your assets. That’s not only safer for your organization; it also makes it easier for partners and other stakeholders to work with you worry-free.

Onboard in as Few as Three Days

We set you up for success from day one. Your personal onboarding manager will provide training and help you get maximum ROI from PhotoShelter.

Amplify your organization’s mission with PhotoShelter