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Effortless Content Sharing

You’re in control of who can access and download your content. We make it fast and easy.

  • Decide who can access your most valuable assets at every level with flexible permissions on your portal
  • Use Smart Galleries to auto-share fresh and relevant content with stakeholders
  • Send batches of files with a convenient download link — no login or password required

Say Goodbye to Manual Requests

Tired of hearing, “Can you send me X?” You’re not alone. A centralized content library means everyone can find the content they need, when they need it.

Balance Accessibility & Security

Flexible permissions help you give access to the right people while maintaining security for your most valuable assets.

Strengthen Brand Integrity

Show off your organization’s content with a stunning portal that enforces your brand standards.

Eliminate Communication Silos

Share seamlessly with both internal and external stakeholders, no matter where they are in the world.

Start a Product Tour of PhotoShelter for Brands

Take a quick, interactive tour of PhotoShelter to see how it can transform your content workflow.

If you’re an individual photographer, please visit the PhotoShelter for Photographers page.

Content Sharing Made Simple

    • Sleek, Centralized Portal

      PhotoShelter gives you a single, centralized system to house all your assets. Give self-service access to anyone who needs it with unlimited invited users.

    • Flexible Permissions

      Grant a specific person or group access to galleries and choose whether they can download files or simply view them. When it comes to access, you’re in control.

    • Quick Send

      Instantly share content without logins, attachments, or third-party services. Generate a sharing link with or without a password and send it in an email, all from PhotoShelter.

    • Single Sign-on

      Make your assets accessible at every level to your colleagues by integrating PhotoShelter into your organization’s existing login infrastructure.

    • Link Sharing

      Want to share with another portal user? Just copy and paste the link to the asset or gallery. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

    • Integrated Accounts

      Create a unified content ecosystem among divisions, teams, or brands within one organization by connecting multiple PhotoShelter accounts.

    Scale Social Content Distribution with Socialie

    Share content directly with athletes, influencers, and other stakeholders to 10x your reach and boost content engagement.

    Built for Enterprise Brands

    • Great for large teams
      Give access to anyone who needs it — inside or outside your organization — with unlimited invited users.
    • Unmatched security & reliability
      99.999% system uptime and our private, secure network means you can rely on PhotoShelter for all your digital asset management needs.
    • Advanced permissions & SSO
      Keep your assets safe with customizable permissions, different user types, and optional single-sign on to tie PhotoShelter access to your company’s existing login structure.

    Experience stress-free content sharing with PhotoShelter