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AI is Transforming Sports Marketing. Here’s How.

As AI continues to improve, sports marketers are tapping into the data to help them understand what fans really want. Creating personalized content...

As AI continues to improve, sports marketers are tapping into the data to help them understand what fans really want.

Creating personalized content is becoming easier with machine learning, and organizing and sharing that content is becoming a seamless process.

On this episode of “On the Record with ‘Sports Professor’ Rick Horrow,” PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman sits down with Rick to discuss the ways artificial intelligence is transforming the industry, and how PhotoShelter is leaning into AI technology to maximize content ROI for teams, organizations, and their sponsors.

Here’s a recap:

AI is changing the game for sports marketing, brand building, and fan engagement. 

With advanced AI tagging, PhotoShelter is playing a major role in how brands connect with their fans through visual storytelling. We are now able to recognize specific athletes in an image, the sponsors’ logos featured in photos, and other important elements that show up in visual content.

Creative teams can now make educated adjustments to their strategies and their workflows with data and analytics, so their AI content makes a bigger impact. Metrics help teams understand the bigger story behind content distribution and make more data-driven decisions on their campaigns.

We are just scraping the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI and how these tools can transform the way brands and organizations execute and amplify their work.

The next phase is automation.

Until now, photos needed to be tagged in order to be searchable and subsequently, the most useful to creative teams. In an ideal world, all of your content would be tagged to perfection and everyone in your organization would be able to find what they need when they need it.

However, this is not reality. 40% of the 5 billion assets housed on PhotoShelter are not being tagged. That means it would take more than 200 days for people to tag all of the assets uploaded to PhotoShelter each month.

For creatives using PhotoShelter, AI now automates this process, freeing up time for more innovative work, and removing the learning curve for new employees who once had to learn the typical tagging process.

“What our technology has done is, we’ve been able to take out the human element — which is the single biggest pain point of needing to tag and move this content around,” said Andrew Fingerman, PhotoShelter’s CEO. “And that is where we’re seeing a lot of next-generation difference-making in the market.”

Real-time + repetition = ROI. 

These days, speed is essential for making an impact on social media. Countless organizations, sports teams and leading brands have told us about their workflows, sharing that with the right setup, they’re able to move assets from the camera to their social media feeds, websites, sponsors and key influencers in under 60 seconds. 

PhotoShelter AI makes this a simple and repeatable process.

Plus, reaching your audience time and time again will hammer home the messages that are most important to you and your brand. Create quality content once, and leverage our AI tools to maximize the ROI of your library and tell your story again and again.

“We’ve reached a unique point in time where companies that regularly leverage AI are now prompted to take a solid stance on the future of our industries as they relate to this new technology,” said Kathy Carter, PhotoShelter’s CTO. Learn more about PhotoShelter’s AI solutions and our dedicated AI Ethics Board.

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