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Celebrating Milestone Moments in Higher Education

Learn how two creatives from the world of Higher Education—a videographer and a director of photography develop visual storytelling led marketing...

If you were fortunate enough to go to a secondary school, do you remember anything about what advertising or marketing drew you to the campus or college you ended up choosing to get your degree from?

Think about it: How do you market the ability to unlock your future through education?

During The 2021 Innovation Summit, two creatives from the world of Higher Education: Jesuel Rivera, Videographer at The University of South Carolina, and August Miller, Director of Photography at Utah Valley University joined us for an insight-packed session to discuss what it means to Celebrate Milestone Moments in Higher Education through content marketing and visual storytelling.

First, Jesuel Rivera walked us through his creative approach and production workflow as the university’s only photographer/videographer for the 2021 Welcome Week at the University of South Carolina. Then, August Miller, Director of Photography at Utah Valley University shared how his team celebrated the university’s 80th Anniversary, which included extensive use of PhotoShelter, specifically Workspaces.

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • Simple digital asset management library organization tips—making your content easier to find means it’ll be easier to use!
  • How to repurpose and breathe new life into archival assets and content
  • How to ask for help and utilize your internal resources to bring creative ideas to life!
Watch the full 30-minute session about ‘Celebrating Milestone Moments in Higher Education’ from the Innovation Summit here.

Meet the Guest Speakers

Jesuel Rivera, Videographer at The University of South Carolina

Jesuel Rivera is a videographer and photographer from Florida. He is the only videographer on the University of South Carolina Communications and Public Affairs team. He is also a media producer for S3 Magazine. Jesuel captures photos, films, pilots drones, edits video media, and creates animated graphics. He loves Overlanding in his Jeep with friends, hiking with his brothers, cooking for loved ones, and mountain biking.

August Miller, Director of Photography at Utah Valley University

August Miller, a Utah native, began his journey in photography when he was just 14 years old. August has had a long professional career in photography which began while he was still in college. He worked full-time as a photo editor, sports editor, and photographer for a weekly newspaper, as well as a photo stringer for United Press International, The Associated Press, and regional newspapers while still attending classes. After graduating, he spent nearly 30 years working as a reporter, photojournalist, photo editor, and Director of Photography & Graphics for newspapers and national magazines. He’s also worked as a commercial and advertising photographer for national and regional advertising and marketing agencies.

August is currently Director of Photography at Utah Valley University Marketing & Communication Dept. Outside of UVU, he is a sought-after speaker and educator on photographic topics. When not taking photos or reading a good book, he likes to spend time with his wife, three daughters, a son-in law, his granddaughter Sunny and a cat named Lucy.

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