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Introducing PhotoShelter AI

PhotoShelter's AI solution has tagged over 20,000 images, recognized more than 40,000 athletes, and identified over 18,000 brand marks and it's sti...

PhotoShelter leveled up and layered artificial intelligence solutions into the DAM platform experience so the people, brand marks and logos, text, and objects that need to be tagged in your images, can be found in your images and tagged as metadata automatically.

Get ready to find the perfect photo instantly without ever having to manually tag your content.

PhotoShelter AI tags people, brand marks and general keywords through four cutting-edge tactics:

  • PeopleID uses facial recognition to find and tag the most important people to your organization in your image assets automatically, making the search for photos of influencers or important people hassle-free.
  • RosterID combines facial recognition and jersey data to find and tag everyone on the team, including the mascot and coach.
  • BrandID recognizes sponsors and brands; built to deliver relevant assets to your brand partners and stakeholders in real-time and give them access to specific assets you select for a lifetime (or however long you provide image licensing for, a setting you can choose yourself!)
  • ObjectID pulls together data from three different sources – Google, Microsoft, and Amazon – to deliver the best and most accurate general metadata for your brand images.
  • TextID scans images for font and text and automatically adds tags for easy and effortless searching and sharing.
  • Custom Models allow you to build hyper-relevant smart tags based on the unique attributes of your brand, team, or organization.

“PhotoShelter AI represents a big leap forward in our vision to transform the ways creative people work,” says PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman. “PLL is a cutting-edge new sports organization, and they’ve embraced our technology to drive visual storytelling in real-time to new and exciting levels.”

“This is just the first step in our plan to create the next generation of fully automated content workflow and collaboration capabilities for brands and creative professionals.”

Andrew Fingerman, PhotoShelter CEO

The best part? This technology has the capability to recognize any set of objects, and it can be customized and trained to meet the unique needs of any organization, in any industry.

Ready to see it in action?

Right now, the Premier Lacrosse League is the first organization to use PhotoShelter AI to power a real-time social media workflow during their Championship Series.

So far, PhotoShelter AI has tagged 20,000 images, recognized more than 40,000 players, and identified more than 18,000 brand marks.

“The AI recognition of our photos will help us save hundreds of hours tagging and organizing photos, enabling us to share content with our partners, players, and fans faster than ever before,” says Tyler Steinhardt, Director of Marketing for the Premier Lacrosse League.

Go behind the scenes to see how the PLL engages fans in real-time with PhotoShelter AI.

Try the magic for yourself

PhotoShelter AI‘s solutions are built to serve the needs of any creative team, in any industry. Save time searching, sorting, and sharing images with automatic tagging.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?