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Learn How to Get Organized During Digital Asset Management Month

Too much content, so little time to get creative about when and where to use it? Every March, we compile and share expert tips and best practices o...

We’ve asked you to share your DAM resolutions. Here’s what you said:

  • “I resolve to tag our assets more consistently and guide our users until they’re truly comfortable using the system.”
  • “I want to make all my photos connected and easy to find for distribution.”
  • “I need to go through all my libraries, reorganize them and identify hero footage and them add metadata and captions”
  • “It’s all about the metadata. My resolution is to add metadata when I upload content and not wait until someday when I have time. That time never comes and our assets aren’t as easily managed without thorough tags.”
  • “Processing photos and video as soon as possible after shoots so the work doesn’t pile up.”

“I would like to have images tagged by content theme beyond just the slug of the article. I’d also like to digitize many of our archival, print-only images.”

Now that we are nearly a quarter through the year, how have you lived up to your DAM resolutions?

And perhaps, more importantly, how will you continue getting better this year?

This is the central idea behind Digital Asset Management Month.

Like so many of you, we are always improving our content storage, organization and sharing practices across the organization.

After all, if we’re not identifying ways that our creative workflows can be improved, how can we help you?

We connect with the world’s best creatives to listen, learn, and distill their insights into innovative tips that can help creatives optimize their workflows.

In the first week of #DAMmonth, we are focusing on COLLECT + CREATE!

We’re sharing tips for managing creative files and locating assets instantly, as well as some of our most inspirational client stories.

To start learning, check out our DAM Month hub here.

 “DAM is fundamental to manage the content deluge.”

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Not sure what to share? Pick a prompt and tag us in your response on any social platform!

  • What are some of the best ways to keep your media library organized?
  • What’s your favorite workflow hack?
  • What are your predictions for visual storytelling in 2022?
  • Who/what brands inspire you?

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?