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Automatically Tag Your Brand’s Important Faces with PeopleID

According to Hubspot’s How to Humanize a Brand: 15 Best Tips for Humanizing Your Voice, putting a face to your brand’s name goes a long way. ...

According to Hubspot’s How to Humanize a Brand: 15 Best Tips for Humanizing Your Voice, putting a face to your brand’s name goes a long way. “Showcasing your team members on your website and social media platforms goes a lot farther than just having the basics. And, when your followers/website viewers/etc. are able to see how great it is to work at your company, they’ll be more willing to trust your professional abilities,” they write.

But for many busy brands and large organizations, that’s a lot easier said than done.

What do you do when you’re unsure of where to find your CEO’s most recent headshot? Maybe you’re just now suspecting an intern inadvertently misspelled your school president’s last name when tagging photos. Having trouble locating this season’s team portraits even though you saw them last month? We get it, it happens.

The good news is there’s hope!

Humanize Your Brand with PeopleID

For organizations where communities thrive on connecting with one another, having a tool that automatically recognizes people and adds names is crucial. That’s who we designed PeopleID for. It saves you time, ensures accuracy, and is more than just a basic tagging tool.

Not only can it help you identify and accurately label employees or faculty, VIPs and star players, guest experts, fans and consumers alike, but it also lets you add labels like job title or department affiliation.

Flexibility in Facial Recognition? Yep, You Heard That Right

Created to grow with your organization, PeopleID gives you the ability to add people individually, in batches, and even rename someone or merge tags within your directory. Keeping accurate and up-to-date visual records of your roster, faculty or key stakeholders has never been so simple.

PeopleID and our facial recognition tools are here to help your team save time finding and sharing images of your organization’s friendliest faces.

How PeopleID is a Game Changer for the LPGA

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is the oldest continuously operating women’s professional sports organization in the USA. Over the years, they’ve learned a thing or two about capturing and sharing the excitement of golf with fans around the world.

According to Brianne Wigley, Senior Manager of Integrated Content for the LPGA, their tournament workflow is always in motion. She and her team are constantly reviewing the images uploaded directly into their PhotoShelter for Brands account throughout the day. This allows them to have a variety of photo options to share on social media and options for individual players looking to share on their own social accounts. How do they get everything labeled so fast? It’s automatically done by PeopleID upon upload.

PeopleID really has been a game-changer for the LPGA. At the average LPGA tournament, we have 144 players competing, so the ability to quickly identify those player images has been a huge time-saver for us. Within seconds of uploading large batches of photos, PeopleID tags them, and we are able to sort and distribute to various stakeholders and to our fans on social media.

Brianne Wigley, Senior Manager of Integrated Content for the LPGA

Brianne notes that finding authentic connections with fans is the key to successful visual storytelling.

“At the LPGA our goal is to connect our fans with our athletes and with our events. The more connected you feel to a particular player or their story, the more likely you will be to watch or attend an LPGA event, tune in to the broadcast, buy merchandise or engage with us on social media. Photos play a huge part in that strategy. Our content team at the LPGA really tries to capitalize on raw emotion and personality shots of our players,” she says.

Don’t let a disorganized photo archive stop you from achieving your content strategy goals and connecting with your brand’s audience.

Here at PhotoShelter, we’re obsessed with finding ways to use technology to refine and improve every industry’s creative strategies. That’s why we built our proprietary AI feature set and PeopleID.

Ready to explore how PhotoShelter AI can improve your team’s workflow?

  • ObjectID finds objects in your images and delivers the best and most accurate general metadata tags for your brand’s images.
  • PeopleID uses facial recognition to find and tag the most important people to your organization in your image assets automatically, making the search for photos of faculty or influencers hassle-free.
  • RosterID combines jersey data and facial recognition for powerful athlete recognition.
  • BrandID recognizes key sponsors and brands, with the capability to deliver relevant assets to your partners and stakeholders in real-time.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?