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Find Images of Sponsors and Logos Instantly with BrandID

These days, one of the most important business relationships is the relationship between brands and sponsors. How and when sponsors want to link th...

These days, one of the most important business relationships is the relationship between brands and sponsors. How and when sponsors want to link their name to your brand can tell you a lot about which content strategies are working for you (and which ones maybe aren’t).

Once partnership paperwork is signed, it’s imperative you create a system to monitor how the partnership is going — examples of where logos are showing up in your photos, records of how sponsors are interacting with your social media posts, etc.

Managing to get a sponsor’s logo (in this case Nike and Qatar Airways) in an emotional action shot like this one of Millie Bright, a star defender for the England national team during the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 games, is pure partnership gold.

Incorporating PhotoShelter’s artificial intelligence (AI) suite into your content strategy is a great way to get ahead—and stay ahead—of your competition. AI saves you and your team energy, creates consistency around tags, helps you scale your visual media library, and ensures you get a better return on investment for each photo in your archive.

Here’s how our sponsor-focused workhorse BrandID equips brands with the necessary data they need to keep tabs on important partnerships.

Keep Track of Sponsors and Logos with BrandID

BrandID works to help brands of every kind establish asset ROI for any image where a logo is present, be it yours or a partner’s. Want to be able to find, organize and deliver live event images to specific sponsors within minutes, rather than hours or even days? With BrandID, that’s a no-brainer.

Have a new sponsor? Bring it on!

It also gets smarter over time. BrandID can be trained to identify new logos in a matter of days. Just upload a catalog of logos and/or brand marks, upload the photos you want it to search and label, and watch the automatic tags appear in no time. Our system is getting smarter every day and the more variety it can learn from, the better it becomes.

With BrandID, you’ll have an effortless way to identify logos in your images. This turns demonstrating sponsorship ROI into a simple image search.

Justify Sponsor Relationships with Data

You can even use AI data to justify sponsor relationships. Imagine being able to demonstrate value to your sponsor by showing that their branding has been featured in 10,000 of your team’s photos in the last year. Not only does AI help you find more photos instantly, but it’s also enabling brands to quantify brand exposure to key sponsors.

No more scrolling through to try and get the numbers yourself. Just do a quick search in your media library for your sponsors name and watch the results roll in.

For venues, sports teams, or media organizations that usually have multiple brand partners across industries, having a tool that instantly tags logos in images with impressive accuracy helps teams knock gameday or live event media coverage out of the park.

Ready to improve your workflow?

While any one AI solution works brilliantly on its own, when you knit our AI capabilities together, you’ll get the most accurate, automatically-tagged media library of your company’s dreams.

  • ObjectID finds objects in your images and delivers the best and most accurate general metadata tags for your brand’s images.
  • PeopleID uses facial recognition to find and tag the most important people to your organization in your image assets automatically, making the search for photos of faculty or influencers hassle-free.
  • RosterID combines jersey data and facial recognition for powerful athlete recognition.
  • BrandID recognizes key sponsors and brands, with the capability to deliver relevant assets to your partners and stakeholders in real-time.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?