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How Innovative Marketing Teams Use Digital Asset Management

According to research from Adobe, 88% of customer experience and marketing professionals reported content demand doubled over the last two years. T...

According to research from Adobe, 88% of customer experience and marketing professionals reported content demand doubled over the last two years. Two-thirds of that audience predicts demand will grow between 5x and 20x over the next two years. 

That’s why it’s more important now than ever for marketers and creatives to establish a process that streamlines their workflows to increase productivity, turn around marketing campaigns faster, and drive results.

A digital asset management system solves this challenge. Here’s how innovative marketing and creative teams are using a DAM system to grow their brand. 

Maximize Brand Engagement with AI: Premier Lacrosse League

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) leveraged PhotoShelter AI to power a real-time social media workflow during their Championship Series. This cutting-edge artificial intelligence solution is helping the PLL team work faster and maximize fan engagement.

Since the start of Training Camp:

  • PLL has performed 2.65M interactions on Instagram, topping the MLS (1.81M), NWSL (2.18M), PBR (1.04M), and NASCAR (856k)
  • 20,000 images have been added to PhotoShelter and tagged automatically
  • PhotoShelter AI has identified 40,666 players, averaging 2.7 players per photo
  • PhotoShelter AI has tagged 18,085 brand marks
  • Automated photo delivery to athletes has led to a 200% increase in posting by players week over week, and on average, players now have a 12.2% engagement rate on Instagram

“The AI recognition of our photos will help us save hundreds of hours tagging and organizing photos, enabling us to share content with our partners, players, and fans faster than ever before.”

– Tyler Steinhardt, Director of Marketing, Premier Lacrosse League.

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Save Time With Auto-Tagging: Ladies Professional Golf Association

At the average Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tournament, there are 144 players competing. 

They use DAM tools like PhotoShelter’s auto-tagging feature, PeopleID, to quickly identify those player images. Within seconds of uploading large batches of photos, PeopleID tags them, and the LPGA team is able to sort and distribute to various stakeholders and to fans on social media in nearly real-time.

“[People ID] has been a huge time-saver for us. Since golf is an outdoor sport most of our athletes are wearing sunglasses and hats, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the accuracy PeopleID provides when auto-tagging.”

– Brianne (Wigley) Blake, Senior Manager of Integrated Content, LPGA

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Build Workflow Automations: University of Florida

The University of Florida communications team needed a quick and easy workflow to distribute their digital content to their stakeholders across the university. 

Art/Creative Director, Bernard Brzezinski, uses PhotoShelter digital asset management solution as their single source of truth to organize and share their media files. Now, file sharing at the university is self-service. Internal and external stakeholders across the university can browse and search for marketing assets on their own, rather than asking Bernard and his team members to find the right assets for them.

“One of the challenges we faced from having so much imagery was constantly getting emails from people wanting us to find specific images for them, and we could spend an hour looking for a small handful of images and then come to find out that’s not exactly what they were looking for. One of the biggest benefits of having [an asset management tool like PhotoShelter] is we’re able to create large galleries of images that people can pull from on their own. The more time that we can spend creating stories instead of working on edits or transferring files to people, the more stories we can tell.”

– Bernard Brzezinski, Art/Creative Director, University of Florida Communications

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Control Access to Your Assets: Hartford Healthcare

Hartford HealthCare (HHC) is a network of hospitals, ambulatory sites, and care facilities with over 37,000 employees at 500 locations serving 185 towns and cities across Connecticut. 

HHC uses PhotoShelter’s single sign-on (SSO) feature to streamline access and permissions, and ensure security without having to send individual user invites. With the added benefit of unlimited invited users, any of HHC colleagues across their network can access its vast asset library and HHC can ensure everyone is using consistent brand assets.

With PhotoShelter’s cloud-based, secure, reliable, owned network, the HHC team can also quickly log on from anywhere. That means HHC’s staff photographers can easily upload images to PhotoShelter’s DAM solution and designers can quickly access the creative files they need to complete their work.

“When we adopted [PhotoShelter’s digital asset management software] it was a huge difference. The photographers started spending less time answering email requests for specific images; it became much more of a self-service model.”

– Chris Rakoczy, Staff Photographer, Hartford Healthcare

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Improve Team Collaboration: American Leather

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Maggie Gala and her small team are responsible for serving American Leather’s 700+ retailers across North America, from mom-and-pops to major department stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s. They provide fresh, sleek imagery of American Leather’s furniture for content marketing, PR, social, websites and more on a regular basis.

With an extensive approval process for marketing materials to ensure brand consistency, they use PhotoShelter’s Workspaces – a collaboration tool perfect for remote teams – to vet each image. Once the images were approved, they were moved to easily accessible galleries where external partners can search and find the media assets they need.

[Workspaces] really was able to take a very long collaborative process and turn it around and make it much easier.”

– Maggie Gala, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, American Leather

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Drive Performance with Analytics: Texas A&M Agrilife

Texas A&M AgriLife is the largest comprehensive agriculture program in the U.S., bringing together Texas A&M University and several state agencies focused on agriculture and life sciences. The organization’s multimedia department leverages engaging visual content to aid Texas A&M AgriLife’s mission to restore connections among people, agriculture, food, science and the economy.

Sam Craft, Assistant Director of Visuals and Multimedia, checks the top 10 search terms in PhotoShelter Analytics at least once a week to determine what branded content is trending. Knowing those trends helps him plan potential new shoots and stay on top of what people need. Plus, a digital asset management platform with  key metrics like monthly downloads help the department prove the value of their content creation, which can help them obtain additional resources.

“For my bosses, it’s analytics [how my success is measured]. It’s numbers. So y’all putting that in [PhotoShelter for Brands] has been wonderful for me. I literally just sent those stats over 2 days ago for a meeting today.”

– Sam Craft, Assistant Director of Visuals and Multimedia, Texas A&M AgriLife

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