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How to Ace Your Next Back-to-School Campaign

If America’s college and university back-to-school campaigns were  given honorary distinctions based on creativity, Utah Valley University‘s i...

If America’s college and university back-to-school campaigns were  given honorary distinctions based on creativity, Utah Valley University‘s impressive 2021 marketing campaign would graduate summa cum laude, no doubt. The green-themed captivating marketing campaign left a lasting impression on not only students, faculty members, and alumni, but visitors statewide and beyond.

In a live webinar session, Utah Valley University’s Director of Photography, August Miller, and Jenna Heaton, Senior Graphic Designer shared the key ingredients that made UVU’s back-to-school campaign a resounding success. From whimsical designs to innovative digital strategies, UVU’s campaign combined a school-spirit-themed color scheme, real students and faculty as the models, and a unique team vision to produce a visual story that left viewers spellbound.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in—consumer brands, tech startups, or higher education, UVU’s innovative 2021 back-to-school marketing campaign will inspire you to think outside the box and unleash your own brand storytelling magic.

Utah Valley University’s creative team wanted to make sure the school’s commitment to inclusivity and student empowerment was a powerful anchor for the visuals and key messaging in this campaign. One of the ways they did this was by strategically placing vibrant signs around their picturesque campus, proclaiming a powerful message that UVU is ‘#APlaceForYou’. This campaign not only captured the attention of students, faculty, and visitors alike, but it also encapsulated the essence of UVU’s welcoming atmosphere and dedication to fostering a sense of belonging for all.

UVU’s decision to utilize the hashtag #APlaceForYou was not only creative in the alliteration when said in concert with the school’s shortened acronym. The simple yet impactful message encapsulates their unwavering commitment to providing a safe and accepting space for everyone on campus. By incorporating the hashtag, UVU skillfully leveraged the power of social media and encouraged students to share their experiences. The campaign sparked conversations about inclusivity that resonated with both current and prospective students who longed to be a part of a university community that valued their uniqueness.

What sets UVU’s approach apart is their ability to turn a simple marketing campaign into a powerful statement. By prominently displaying the signs across campus, UVU created a visually striking environment that embodied their values. The vibrant colors and modern design of the signs added an extra touch of creativity, further emphasizing UVU’s commitment to innovative thinking and forward progress. The campaign effectively conveyed the message that regardless of one’s background, ethnicity, or identity, UVU is a place where everyone is celebrated and can thrive.

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