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How to Maximize the ROI of Your Content with AI Visual Search

Historically, the ROI of your content has been driven by your ability to put all your content into one central place. In a perfect world, all of th...

Historically, the ROI of your content has been driven by your ability to put all your content into one central place.

In a perfect world, all of that content would be tagged to perfection. Everyone in your organization would be able to find what they need when they need it.

However, this is not reality. 40% of the 5 billion assets housed on PhotoShelter are not being tagged. That means it would take more than 200 days for people to tag all of the assets uploaded to PhotoShelter each month.

How Digital Content Search Works Today Isn’t Working

We talk to marketing professionals every day about the hurdles they face maximizing the value and the return on investment of their content. These were the biggest challenges we heard about:

  • Difficulty finding the right image if you didn’t use really specific tags when you uploaded the file
  • Spending countless hours searching for that perfect image – often coming up empty
  • Lower ROI on older assets only using the ones that are the most easily accessible, or even worse, wasting money duplicating assets that already exist
  • Manually plugging in metadata, keywords, and captions just to be able to find and use your images
  • Additional training required for new employees, external vendors, etc. to know how to search your tags

A Better Way to Search For Digital Assets

Our mission is to make your own content more valuable to you. That’s why we built AI Visual Search. A new feature that is transforming how creative professionals find and make the most out of their content.

AI Visual Search allows you to search your entire library of assets for things that would be relevant in your search results based on visual descriptions, making it easier and faster to find what you need.

The Benefits of AI Visual Search for Content Management

Now AI is doing the hard work for us with extreme specificity whenever you need it. That’s the beauty of machine learning. It has eliminated an extremely time-consuming and human, error-prone task. With AI Visual Search you can:

Find your files easier. Language and image recognition provides you with intelligent matches.

Increase the ROI of every asset. Search your entire library, regardless of how your content is tagged.

Be more productive. Find assets in less time and spend more time on higher ROI work.

Onboard faster and easier. New employees won’t need to learn a complex tagging system to find files.

AI Auto-Tagging and AI Visual Search are two useful tools every creative professional should have to improve their content workflow. However, they aren’t the same thing and are ideal for different use cases:

AI Tagging AI Visual Search
What it does Automatically creates metadata tags for objects, specific people, or brands. Allows you to search for images based on visual descriptions.
What to search New York Jets, NASCAR, FreshDirect  Athlete dunking a basketball, three players high fiving, a player scoring a goal
Search terms Exact match Exact match and similar matches

Start Using AI Visual Search Today

If you’re a company with a 5 or 10 year history, that could mean hundreds or thousands of photos. 

For example,  if you want to put together an annual report and pull pictures of staff enjoying themselves at an event or brainstorming at an off-site over the course of the year, how will you find those images today? How long would that process take you?

If you’re not able to find the photos you want, those moments are impossible to recreate, and without them, you may not create the impact you want in the final product. 

With AI Visual Search, you can find those images instantly and publish faster – without having to compromise on your vision or on the quality of the final product.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?