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New PhotoShelter Library UI With Advanced AI Supercharges Marketing and Creative Teams

PhotoShelter’s newest platform is the most intuitive, modern DAM on the market.

NEW YORK, NY, APRIL 30, 2024PhotoShelter, the premier digital asset management (DAM) and content distribution software for marketing and creative teams, announced the release of a brand new library user interface (UI), Lumen, for all PhotoShelter for Brands customers. Lumen expands on PhotoShelter’s award-winning solution with advanced AI, enhanced metadata, and more, and each feature is deeply integrated into the platform customers already know and love. With the launch of Lumen, PhotoShelter is now the most intuitive, modern DAM on the market.  

Lumen includes all of PhotoShelter’s existing AI capabilities as well as a new suite of features not previously available on its Classic interface, including:  

  • Enhanced video metadata: Lumen brings video metadata in line with the robust metadata capabilities PhotoShelter offers for images.
  • Improved view options: A new mortar view showcases photos and videos in a more visually appealing way, allowing for easier browsing and selection.
  • Improved AI Visual Search filtering: Lumen improves upon PhotoShelter’s AI Search, making it even easier for users to search their brand’s entire library for assets based on visual descriptions.
  • More efficient workflows: Lumen makes it possible to work within the DAM platform, even while uploads are in progress. 
  • Streamlined sharing & permissions: A redesigned experience makes it easier to collaborate and share assets. 

“This update delivers a revamped, modern user interface experience aligned with the needs of PhotoShelter for Brands customers while keeping the structure they love from the Classic UI,” said Monika Smyczek, Senior Vice President of Product at PhotoShelter.

“The enhancements Lumen provides will continue to empower creatives and brands to manage their visual assets more efficiently and effectively, so they can ultimately tell their stories better. We look forward to building and expanding new solutions in the coming year, in collaboration with our customers, to enable more marketers and creatives to do their best work.”

Monika Smyczek, Senior Vice President of Product

Lumen is built on a robust, modern platform, enabling PhotoShelter to release new features and functionality faster than ever before. This ensures the PhotoShelter platform remains at the forefront of DAM innovation and provides customers with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

PhotoShelter for Brands customers who have tried Lumen are already seeing results with the upgrade. Ben Green, team photographer for the Buffalo Bills stated, “Lumen is anything and everything a professional photographer or digital asset manager could want in a modern cloud-based archive. From the user-experience to the way PhotoShelter has maximized their most powerful features, it is an easy and intuitive re-design to a platform we all know and love. Excited to see all the ways in which Lumen improves our workflow at the Buffalo Bills!”

Lumen is available now to all PhotoShelter for Brands customers. To learn more about Lumen and PhotoShelter’s full suite of products, click here.

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