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Automate Smart Tagging with ObjectID | New Artificial Intelligence Product Update

ObjectID, PhotoShelter's new artificial intelligence solution, scans your images and tags your assets with keywords automatically so you can find a...

At PhotoShelter, our dynamic asset management platform functions as your marketing, communications, or creative team’s central nervous system. That’s why we need to constantly evolve with you; accelerating our product innovation with artificial intelligence to solve your workflow pain points and to help you share your brand’s story faster.

One way that we’re making it easier for your team to access your brand’s best content quickly, no matter where you are, is through our highly accurate Artificial Intelligence product suite.

PhotoShelter’s proprietary AI feature set includes ObjectID, TextID, RosterID, BrandID, and PeopleID, and they all work by utilizing machine learning to scan images and automatically add tags for objects, people, and brand marks.

How do we do it?

True to our platform promise of being the fastest and easiest digital asset management tool, our new artificial intelligence solutions deliver the most accurate automated tags ever.

Trust us, when PhotoShelter meets your asset library, our powers combined will help you organize and find your assets faster and at scale.

Let’s start with the basics: ObjectID.

What’s New?

Tagging metadata used to be someone’s one job (insert Marvel gif — you know the one,) but the precision of our AI-enabled automated tags is unrivaled.

ObjectID is the simplest form of AI tagging we offer and it provides a simple solution to a common creative team challenge:

ObjectID recognizes objects, meaning anything that can be classified as a noun, in images. It’s the most basic level of keyword tagging that any organization needs in order to search and find images for instant organizing and sharing.

Plus, did we mention that all PhotoShelter for Brands basic subscriptions now include unlimited ObjectID tags? That’s right. Unlimited.

If your team produces thousands of images daily but has no dedicated person manually managing your metadata, you need ObjectID. Not only will it save you and your team tons of time and people-power, but it will also help you regain creative control by taking on the keyword tagging work automatically.

Imagine you’re the content manager for a travel destination— your creative is no doubt vast and varied. If you work with content from staff photographers, influencer partners, and social followers, you need a fast and easy way to search your assets by location or season so you can access and publish the right content at the right time.

With ObjectID enabled, automated metadata tags will identify your images and tag general words like mountains, sunsets, snow, clouds, waterfalls, sailboats, trees, people, animals, food, and other helpful characteristics to describe the setting and subjects in the image.

ObjectID takes the time and labor to manually tag your assets off your plate so you can find and use your creative assets faster and easier.

This new feature works brilliantly in tandem with our facial recognition, text, and logo-recognition AI solutions, so learn how your creative team can double-up on the smart solutions to save time.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?