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PhotoShelter Acquires Socialie, Enhancing Real-Time Content Distribution, Automation and Analytics for Brands

The acquisition extends the value of PhotoShelter’s platform capabilities, delivering the industry’s fastest AI-driven workflow, from capture t...

The acquisition extends the value of PhotoShelter’s platform capabilities, delivering the industry’s fastest AI-driven workflow, from capture to audience

NEW YORK, NY, June 13, 2023 – Today, PhotoShelter, the premiere digital asset management (DAM) solution for seamless content distribution experiences, is announcing the acquisition of Socialie, a category leader in user-friendly content distribution and advanced analytics. Made in partnership with PhotoShelter’s majority investor, Clearhaven Partners, the acquisition will strengthen PhotoShelter’s real-time distribution powers, provide PhotoShelter customers with more control and insight into the flow of content across their ecosystem, and position the company as the one-stop shop for digital content sharing, from the moment of capture all the way through to influencers and their audiences. 

Delivering real-time, approved content is key to brand reputation and engagement today, yet traditional DAMs act more like siloed repositories versus the nimble delivery systems needed to reach and engage external stakeholders effectively. Every brand has major moments they need to share in real-time, and countless stakeholders who can help amplify a message, but today’s digital sharing solutions have not been able to deliver the precision and speed needed to help brands engage their audiences at scale. PhotoShelter’s innovative, custom-built AI tagging models instantly recognize and tag content correctly within seconds, ensuring that the content traveling across platforms is accurate and actionable.   

“We are in the middle of a content revolution – with more content being produced by more creators across more channels than ever before – and every brand stands to gain from this opportunity to engage with their audiences or risk falling behind,” says PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman. “We’re welcoming Socialie to the PhotoShelter team to further provide brands with the right tools to share digital content automatically to content partners, publishers, and influential stakeholders with deep insights into performance and reach. We’re excited for what the future holds and the immediate benefits our customers will be able to activate.”

With embedded AI workflows, PhotoShelter’s platform acts as the central nervous system for how brands communicate visually, enabling customers to streamline the movement of visual content to their ecosystem’s owned channels from the moment an event occurs. Now, with the acquisition of Socialie, these capabilities are extended further with increased automation and analytics baked in throughout the entire content journey. Socialie’s proprietary Magic Tracking capability will make it possible for customers to get insight into content performance across various social channels the moment it leaves the PhotoShelter platform.  

“We are very excited to join forces with PhotoShelter,” says Socialie founder Kristin Adams. “PhotoShelter has established deep digital content management expertise across many industries and use cases. Combining this expertise with Socialie’s advanced social channel distribution and analytics provides a unique opportunity that all brands can utilize. We’ve been integration partners with PhotoShelter since 2018 and look forward to taking the capabilities we’ve built together a step further, truly disrupting DAM solutions and harnessing our collective strengths in the sports world and beyond.” 

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About PhotoShelter

Founded in 2005, PhotoShelter is an industry-leading provider of SaaS-based digital asset management (DAM) solutions that enable creative teams and professional photographers alike to seamlessly organize, manage, collaborate and distribute digital content. With over 5.3 billion customer assets securely managed, over 300 million searches and 95 million downloads annually, PhotoShelter is changing the way organizations communicate visually, with the smartest, fastest and easiest solutions to support end-to-end content workflow. PhotoShelter’s tools are trusted by thousands of organizations and enterprises globally, with a range of notable customers like Delta Air Lines, The National Cathedral, FreshDirect, IMG Golf and Wendy’s. The PhotoShelter team spans across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Spain. For more information on how to improve your organization’s digital asset management and creative workflows, visit:

About Socialie

Socialie is a content delivery software platform that allows brands to deliver their high-quality photos, videos and highlights to their external stakeholders for easy publishing. Using Socialie, organizations can create, distribute, publish and track engagement with digital content, primarily through social media channels. 


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