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PhotoShelter Closes Momentum Year Driven by Acquisition, Innovation and Industry Leadership in 2023

NEW YORK – Feb. 27, 2024 – PhotoShelter, the premier digital asset management (DAM) and content distribution platform, closes out a banner year...

NEW YORK – Feb. 27, 2024 – PhotoShelter, the premier digital asset management (DAM) and content distribution platform, closes out a banner year of success in 2023. Through product innovation leadership in responsible AI, PhotoShelter reinforces its commitment to transforming growing brands.

PhotoShelter significantly expanded its product portfolio with the strategic acquisition of Socialie, a category leader in user-friendly content distribution, workflow automation, and advanced analytics. This move strengthened PhotoShelter’s real-time distribution powers, providing customers with more control and insight into the flow of content across their  ecosystem. Socialie’s proprietary Magic Tracking capability provides customers real-time insights into content performance across various social channels with customers reporting a 10x audience reach increase by using Socialie.

“The landscape of brand-audience connection shifted dramatically in 2023. Marketers are bombarded with requests to create and deliver more content, faster, while facing resource constraints. We’re pleased to have delivered tremendous value to our customers in 2023, and we’re doubling down in 2024 to continue empowering our customers to thrive in this environment. We will continue to invest in ways to provide brands with the tools they need to improve efficiencies across their marketing teams and increase the ROI of their content.”

Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter

The launch of PhotoShelter’s AI Visual Search further expanded its AI product suite with a groundbreaking capability to improve content searchability. This innovative solution removes the manual tagging requirements of image content, saving a staggering 200 days for one month’s worth of content. 

PhotoShelter was a pioneer for AI in the creative industry, launching its AI Ethics Board in 2023. This dedicated group guides the company’s responsible development and use of AI, ensuring transparency in its product. Furthering this commitment, PhotoShelter joined the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). By collaborating with the CAI, PhotoShelter actively safeguards creators and brands with proper attribution and credit for content while promoting authenticity across the industry.

PhotoShelter also exponentially grew its user network and content volume:

  • Expanding PhotoShelter’s customer base to more than 520,000 creative and marketing professionals who now trust PhotoShelter to help streamline their workflows. 
  • Files secured on PhotoShelter’s proprietary cloud storage system (and backed up and duplicated worldwide) surpassed 5.1 billion files, highlighting customer trust in PhotoShelter’s unwavering commitment to security.

“If you’re a part of building brands, the way you work is shifting. Creatives and brand professionals are under mounting pressure to deliver compelling content at lightning speed. This fast pace demands smarter tools that automate workflows to ensure their content is efficiently stored and seamlessly distributed. PhotoShelter is building the tools that enable high-impact brand content to thrive alongside authenticity.”

Christina Kyriazi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at PhotoShelter

Looking ahead to 2024, PhotoShelter is committed to upgrading its user interface to enhance customer navigation. This and continued investments into more integrations and AI will enable even more workflow automation for customers and integrate with their other tech stacks. The company is also preparing for its annual DAM month campaign in March, where marketing leaders will highlight tips and inspiration to power brand teams’ visual storytelling.

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About PhotoShelter

Founded in 2005, PhotoShelter is an industry-leading digital asset management solution that helps you organize, manage, distribute, instantly share, and collaborate with your team on digital content. With 5+ billion assets securely managed and nearly 100 million annual downloads, PhotoShelter is the fastest, easiest, and most intuitive way to manage and automate your end-to-end content workflow to drive your brand engagement, get better ROI from content and improve efficiency across your team. That’s why thousands of organizations and enterprises globally like Delta Airlines, FreshDirect, IMG Golf, Wendy’s, and more trust PhotoShelter with their success. Now, with the 2023 acquisition of Socialie, PhotoShelter is able to help brands activate the social channels of all their stakeholders via automated content distribution and better understand how social content is performing across partner channels, to exponentially expand their reach and drive more engagement. Learn more at:

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