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Premium Product Release: Integrated Accounts

Dive in below to learn how Integrated Accounts helped

We want to help you create more stories that matter, share moments of impact faster, and amplify your brand message at scale, quickly and easily.

So, we’ve launched Integrated Accounts — a new enterprise solution that now connects multiple PhotoShelter for Brands digital asset libraries to create a more unified content ecosystem for your organization.

We built Integrated Accounts to help cross-functional organizations increase content access and utilization, maintain brand consistency and create more content with ease within our DAM platform.

Integrated Accounts promises:

  1. Expansive browsing and search capabilities across shared libraries. Say goodbye to the five-or-more step process for finding, requesting and creating visual storytelling assets. Whether you’re constantly uploading or working from a massive image archive, you can now seamlessly browse, search and find assets across PhotoShelter for Brands shared libraries.
  2. Reduced asset and cost duplication. Expand asset access and extend the life of your assets by sharing entire collections and galleries with teams across your organization. Consistency is key for building a recognizable visual identity. Strengthen your brand identity and brand recall with your audience by sharing assets farther and wider.
  3. Quick and easy in-platform communication. You can now add a personalized note when sharing files, collections or galleries to members of other accounts. Take care to specify how the asset should be used, what the asset contains, or request feedback! Clarify intent with a personalized note to make effective, impactful, nimble storytelling easy to execute.

First, learn how to use Integrated Accounts in 3-minutes or less with Chris Owyoung, a PhotoShelter product manager:

Then, if you have further questions about how to enable this enterprise account feature, head over to the Support Page to review our technical overview.

Dive in below to learn how Integrated Accounts helped MLB Photos, an iconic brand that has entrusted us with over 2 million assets in the past 15 years, increase team efficiency and synchronize strategies to own the moment on the field and on social.

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A breakdown of the MLB Photo team’s creative workflow before and after implementing Integrated Accounts.

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If you’re ready to operationalize your entire organization’s creative workflow, reach out to our team to learn more about Integrated Accounts today.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?