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The Association of Pickleball Players Now Serves Up Content with PhotoShelter on Their Side

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) has selected PhotoShelter as their digital asset management system and cloud storage solution.

Founded in 2019, The Association of Pickleball Players serves professionals, seniors, and amateurs in the fastest-growing sport in the USA.

With a mission to champion all pickleball players that compete in their tournaments – from pro-level players to the next generation, as well as recreational players – a strong visual storytelling strategy helps the association elevate their athletes and gain more fans.

Prior to PhotoShelter, The APP was using Dropbox to organize their files. With no way to properly tag images, their team couldn’t search for and find specific assets easily.

After hearing about PhotoShelter through several colleagues who used the platform in previous roles, they knew they had found the all-in-one DAM solution to elevate their brand.

Now, The APP has a central location to store and organize their photography from all of their tour events, plus a platform that allows them to easily share galleries with players, sponsors, media, and more.

Louie Ruszkowski, Content Director at The APP, and his team are already taking advantage of PhotoShelter’s features like Smart Galleries. With this AI-enhanced feature, they can automatically curate existing and newly uploaded files together based on frequent searches and specific keywords.

“Ultimately, with the amount of players, sponsors and media outlets we’re sharing digital assets with, we needed to innovate and find a platform that streamlined that process for us. With PhotoShelter, having a branded portal that allows us to easily share assets with these various entities has been amazing for us. We love it!”

– Louie Ruszkowski, Content Director

“We are thrilled to support The Association of Pickleball Players as they continue to grow,” said PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman. “Pickleball is making a big impact on the sports industry, and we are proud to partner with The APP as they tell their story to the world.”

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