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How The Colorado Rockies Turned Hometown Pride Into An Iconic Campaign

Watch and learn what creative strategies and tactics the Colorado Rockies' content marketing team developed to launch the team's first new uniform ...

The Colorado Rockies recently swapped pinstripes for mountain peaks this spring with the reveal of a new iconic jersey designed for the Nike City Connect campaign.

Though it won’t replace the traditional uniform design, it’s the first time the team has released any new gear in over 20 years, so naturally, they had to go big or go home.

They scouted a location with mere minutes left on the project deadline clock and brought players over 12,000 feet into the Rocky Mountains to make some epic campaign reveal content.

Erin Hodges, The Rockies’ Digital Communications Manager, and Kyle Cooper, The Rockies’ Team Photographer collaborated to make the story come to life in just one month, so hear how they conceptualized an epic launch photoshoot, location scouted on a tight deadline, and made the launch content available to influencers, stakeholders, and partners via PhotoShelter to help amplify their new state-pride campaign.

Dive in and watch the full session right away, or read the highlights first below.

Check out the teaser video the team produced a month ago, below:

What You’ll Learn

  • How The Rockies’ Digital Communications Manager and Team Photographer collaborated to develop creative content for the Nike City Connect campaign.
  • An overview of how The Rockies’ media team’s creative production strategy and workflow differs for a photo shoot versus a game day.
  • How PhotoShelter enables The Rockies’ organization to share City Connect campaign content quickly, easily, and securely, so the content promoting the significance of the uniform redesign can be repurposed after the initial news excitement pales.

Meet the Speakers

Although Kyle Cooper is fairly green in his role as Lead Team Photographer for The Colorado Rockies—he’s only been in this role for five months, he’s been the team’s Assistant Photographer for the past six years. His unique and intimate perspective allows him to cover the ins and outs of the game of baseball from an angle that fans rarely see. A proper “Cat Dad,” he can be seen sharing the life of his two cats Pils and Porter on his Instagram when not at Coors Field or on the road with the Rockies. You can see his work in and around Coors Field, on The Rockies Blog, and on his website.

Erin Hodges, The Colorado Rockies Digital Communications Manager is in her second season with the team, but it’s her third year working within the MLB larger organization. Her goal is to bring the uniqueness of baseball a Mile High to Rox fans everywhere. Working with her social team for video, graphics, and Kyle on the photo side, she hopes to provide content they can’t find anywhere else and truly bring the SOCIAL to social media. When not behind the computer/phone for @Rockies, you can find her snowboarding in the mountains, traveling, or finding an EDM concert/festival to attend. You can check out her work at @Rockies on all social platforms or view her portfolio!

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Watch the Inside Look session here:

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