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Agency, KLC ƒotos, Boosts Productivity and Client Satisfaction with Digital Asset Management

Leading sports photography agency KLC ƒotos leverages the power of PhotoShelter to deliver in-game photos to clients and fans in real time.

  • 50+ agency clients managed
  • 105k+ assets managed through PhotoShelter
  • 115k+ asset downloads in the last 12 months

KLC ƒotos is a leading sports photography agency serving a diverse range of clients including national teams, Power Five schools, and other corporate and non-profit organizations. They needed a streamlined solution to manage their vast image collection, facilitate collaboration with photographers, and ensure rapid delivery of content to stakeholders.

The Challenge: Uploading and Sharing Photos Quickly

Kelley L Cox, Managing Director & Photographer at KLC ƒotos, knows firsthand the importance of speed in the sports photography world. “Content is everything right now…you want to have a lot of content to choose from depending on how the game is going,” she explains. Her busy daily routine involves coordinating with several photographers at a time, editing images, and ensuring they reach clients quickly.

The previous workflow presented huge challenges:

  • Sharing photos was slow and disorganized. Relying on multiple tools like Dropbox and Google Drive created a chaotic system. Files got lost, photographers weren’t sure if uploads were successful, and Kelley wasted time tracking down images.
  • It was hard to work together. The lack of a central platform made collaboration a nightmare. Photographers and Kelley couldn’t easily see what was uploaded or communicate about what photos were still needed, causing delays and potential missed shots.
  • Clients and athletes didn’t get photos quickly. The cumbersome process meant photos often arrived too late. Clients couldn’t capitalize on exciting game moments for social media, and athletes had to wait days to see their images.

“When we used Dropbox or something similar, the photographer that I hired may have uploaded, but I would have no idea, because no one shared the Google Drive link with me. So I couldn’t check whether they’ve been doing a good job or whether the photos got delivered.”

Kelley L Cox, Managing Director & Photographer

The Solution: Centralizing Operations with PhotoShelter

KLC ƒotos discovered a powerful solution to overcome their challenges: a centralized digital asset management (DAM) system. Previously, their processes were disjointed and time-consuming. With PhotoShelter, they have streamlined their workflow, gained valuable insights, and transformed their content delivery.

  • Photos are uploaded instantly. Photographers can upload images as they’re captured, using either FTP software through their cameras or a simple web interface. This gives Kelley immediate access, letting her review photos and provide real-time feedback to ensure the best possible coverage. “The nice thing for me in having PhotoShelter is that I can go to the site, I can see what’s being uploaded, and I can make sure everything’s working really smoothly.”
  • Everyone works from one place. PhotoShelter acts as a central hub for all incoming images . Instead of files being scattered across platforms, everything is organized and easy to find, saving time and eliminating frustration.
  • Clients and athletes get photos quickly. The power of PhotoShelter lies in its ability to deliver photos during the game. This keeps clients engaged, social media buzzing, and gives athletes the instant gratification of seeing their action shots.

“One of the key things about PhotoShelter is that so many of the clients that we work with are already familiar with it. So to very few do I have to say, ‘Hey, here’s where you create an account’ – photographers included. A lot of times, when I’m onboarding a photographer to upload to our platform, they already have an account, and they’re already familiar with the system. And I think the more and more people and organizations that use PhotoShelter, it just becomes this whole web that everyone is familiar with. So it’s been really nice and rewarding when I tell a new client, ‘Here’s our protocol. We’re going to upload to this PhotoShelter site,’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, great! I know PhotoShelter.’”

Kelley L Cox, Managing Director & Photographer

‘Incoming Files’ gallery on KLC fotos’ PhotoShelter portal, where contributing photographers upload images


KLC ƒotos Accelerates Delivery with a Streamlined Workflow

KLC ƒotos found the perfect solution to their workflow challenges by implementing a centralized digital asset management (DAM) system. Now, Kelley and her team enjoy real-time uploads, streamlined communication, and lightning-fast delivery to stakeholders. This new level of efficiency fueled success for KLC ƒotos in the world of sports photography, a field where speed and accuracy are critical.

A DAM solution could transform your workflow if your team struggles with scattered images, disjointed processes, and slow delivery times.

Discover how to optimize your operations, boost team efficiency, and put outstanding content in the hands of clients and athletes faster than ever. Schedule a personalized demo to explore how a DAM can revolutionize your photography business.

“PhotoShelter is THE platform for uploading live images and organizing an archive.”

Kelley L Cox, Managing Director & Photographer

Go Behind the Scenes with KLC ƒotos


Jeremy Berkowitz

Content Marketing Manager at PhotoShelter

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