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Baptist Health Uplevels Brand Reputation At Scale

Enhanced brand integrity helps Baptist Health reinforce its reputation.

  • 14k+ employees across Northeast Florida
  • 87k+ assets housed in PhotoShelter
  • 6k+ files downloaded in the last 6 months

A Regionally and Nationally Recognized Health Care System

Founded in 1955, Baptist Health is the only community-owned, locally-governed, non-profit health system in Northeast Florida. With more than 200 locations in the Jacksonville area, Baptist Health seeks to promote the health of the community and individuals in need. Area consumers have recognized the organization as the “most preferred” health system for over 25 years.

The Challenge: Maintaining Brand Integrity at Scale

Ensuring employees always have access to the most up-to-date, on-brand assets is a challenge for organizations of any size. However, when your organization has tens of thousands of employees, this undertaking becomes even more complex.

Before PhotoShelter, Creative Services Manager, Cynthia Klusmeyer, says Baptist Health stored all its photos on an internal server, which created a number of issues:

  • Inadequate control: The storage server didn’t allow Cynthia to configure permissions in a practical way, which put confidential, proprietary, or regulated assets at risk.
  • Lack of searchability: Employees found the file structure within the server confusing, which made it difficult and frustrating to find specific photos.
  • Diminished brand integrity: When employees couldn’t find what they needed, they resorted to using older, out-of-date versions. As a result, content quality suffered.
  • Inefficient workflow: Before PhotoShelter, the creative team received numerous requests to track down assets for everything from a leadership presentation to a walk-a-thon to a fundraiser. Countless emails back and forth interrupted workflows and impeded campaigns from launching.

“In our old system, we couldn’t search for anything, or if we did, it would just take forever. We needed a repository where people could go and share files and we could also make sure that what was up on the platform was consistent.”

Cynthia Klusmeyer, Creative Services Manager, Baptist Health

The Solution: A Perfect Balance of Creative Collaboration and Creative Control

Cynthia recognized the need for a dedicated system better suited to her team’s workflow. She chose PhotoShelter because it offered the right combination of user-friendliness and controls that would help her team manage access to all the organization’s assets. Since making the switch, Baptist Health has seen many improvements in the creative process:

  • Enhanced brand integrity and campaign management: With PhotoShelter’s robust permissions options, Baptist Health employees get access to the best, most up-to-date content available — helping the creative team preserve content quality.
  • Improved collaboration and approvals process: PhotoShelter Workspaces provide an easy way for assets to be viewed, shared, and approved both internally and externally. Links with customizable expiration dates ensure the organization maintains control over its files.
  • Instant access to historical assets: Gone are the days of searching endlessly for photos buried in a disorganized server. PhotoShelter’s advanced search capabilities help the creative team at Baptist Health find what they need fast, whether it’s from last week or 1955.
  • Reinforced community reputation: As a community-focused organization, nothing matters more to Baptist Health than maintaining its reputation as the most preferred local health system. By protecting its brand identity, Baptist Health can ensure community members seek care at their facilities for years to come.

“We have a tremendous amount of assets, and they’re always being shuffled between so many different hands. With the old server, people would just start digging, and then they would either get frustrated and couldn’t find what they needed, or they would start using old assets. PhotoShelter has made it easier to keep what we want to be used at the forefront. The search feature is life-changing.

Caitlin Hernandez, Project Coordinator, Baptist Health

Digital Asset Management Made Easy

PhotoShelter simplified creative project management and asset organization at Baptist Health. With tailor-made software, the creative team can configure access however they want while improving creative workflows across the organization.

PhotoShelter gets what we need into people’s hands quicker — and in an easier way. It’s very intuitive and straightforward.”

Caitlin Hernandez, Project Coordinator, Baptist Health

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?

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