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Discover Puerto Rico Supercharges Travel & Tourism with PhotoShelter

Discover Puerto Rico shares its culture and becomes a digital content powerhouse with PhotoShelter.

  • 31.7k+ assets housed on PhotoShelter
  • 1.4k+ contributors on PhotoShelter
  • 250k+ followers on Instagram

Discover Puerto Rico is an Emmy-award winning destination marketing organization, responsible for positioning Puerto Rico as a premier destination for leisure, business, and events. To achieve this goal, their team relies on a high volume of visual content to attract visitors, promote the island’s diverse and unique culture, and power sustainable economic growth.

The Challenge: Outdated Digital Asset Management Couldn’t Keep Up with Growth

Multimedia Director Adriana Rivera and Multimedia Producer Darlien Morales at Discover Puerto Rico are responsible for managing the team’s growing media archive. As Discover Puerto Rico grew, Adriana and Darlien faced a number of challenges managing their massive content library:

  • Outdated storage. The Discover Puerto Rico team needed a system that could house their growing number of files.“We were having a lot of trouble sorting the organization’s storage,” explained Darlien.
  • No fast and easy way to find assets. It was challenging to find the visual assets that Discover Puerto Rico needed to launch their campaigns. They needed a more convenient way to locate content quickly and easily.
  • Challenges tracking expired images. Before PhotoShelter, Adriana and Darlien had no way to track whether or not an image’s copyright had expired or rights of usage, which could result in serious copyright violations and hefty fines for the organization. “It’s a huge benefit for us,” said Adriana.

“We were really needing a change. [Now, we use PhotoShelter] as our home base for our retouched and finalized projects.”

Adriana Rivera, Multimedia Director

The Solution: Smart Digital Asset Management with Easy Access for All

Switching to PhotoShelter marked a turning point for Discover Puerto Rico, revolutionizing their approach to asset management to improve contributor collaboration and campaign output. Here’s how PhotoShelter’s smart digital asset management platform streamlined the organization’s workflow:

  • Expansive storage. Discover Puerto Rico now has the storage they need to handle their growing visual content library. To date, Discover Puerto Rico houses 31,000+ digital assets in PhotoShelter.
  • Centralized asset management. Now, the team can efficiently organize their extensive library of photos and videos, making it easy to find finalized protects and launch campaigns. “It’s the one place where we know we can find what we need,” said Adriana.
  • Attract more tourists to Puerto Rico. “I feel like [PhotoShelter] gives us an opportunity to share our culture with the world,” said Adriana. “It is a great tool for people to get to know Puerto Rico…anybody who goes to our PhotoShelter would get a sense of our tourism, which is our main priority.”

Discover Puerto Rico’s Develops Digital Content Powerhouse with PhotoShelter

Discover Puerto Rico is seeing major results with its campaign efforts. With PhotoShelter, the organization has developed a digital powerhouse with streamlined storytelling and accessible assets, perfectly positioned for attracting travelers for years to come.

“PhotoShelter has helped us grow the brand by allowing us to focus on content creation.”

Darlien Morales, Multimedia Producer

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