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Luxury Hotel Sees Social Media Skyrocket with PhotoShelter

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club saw a huge uptick on their social channels when they started using PhotoShelter.

  • 18k+ assets housed on PhotoShelter
  • 31.5k+ total social media followers
  • 3.4k+ downloads every 6 months on average

Crafting a Unique Hospitality Experience in the Heart of the Rockies

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club is a world-class hotel lodge and wellness destination nestled in the unique mountain landscape of Colorado Springs, CO. The resort offers breathtaking scenery and a wide array of diverse activities, from spa relaxation to outdoor adventures. To effectively market these features, the resort staff relies on visual storytelling to showcase stunning imagery to prospective guests.

The Challenge: Simplifying Visual Asset Management for Enhanced Marketing Efficiency

Marie Rossow, marketing director at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, struggled to manage a high volume of digital assets. Significant hurdles slowed her workflow and the resorts marketing campaigns, which impacted whether or not meeting spaces were booked, rooms were sold, and restaurant seats were reserved every night:

  • Too many different systems. The resort was storing files in multiple systems including Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. Marie recalls, “I’m being tasked with creating this social campaign, and I need to find pictures of the golf course in spring… just trying to find that took over an hour.”
  • Challenges with collaboration. The team was constantly sending emails back and forth looking for files, requesting images, and discussing projects. This process slowed down their workflow and made it challenging to quickly make decisions to move work forward.
  • Slow to launch new campaigns. Because of the resort’s multiple asset storage systems and constant back-and-forth over email, getting marketing campaigns out on time was tough. The team had great photos and videos, but they couldn’t take advantage of them, which meant money was wasted on contractors and potentially lost opportunities.

“We spend this money with photographers and videographers, and then, if you can’t find the work, that’s money wasted.”

Marie Rossow, Director of Marketing, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

The Solution: Streamlining Workflows for Tangible Growth in Hospitality

For Marie Rossow, transitioning from multiple disjointed storage systems to a single, comprehensive digital asset management solution significantly improved her work life. “The simplicity of being able to tag everything, and have everything searchable…We can just pull the assets right away and be able to share them with who we need.” says Marie.

  • One centralized digital asset management solution. PhotoShelter’s single, centralized DAM solution replaced the multiple platforms Marie was using before. She also was able to create a valuable archive of historical assets dating back to 1949. With upcoming features in local magazines, PhotoShelter made it easy for Marie to retrieve high-quality images for publication.
  • Seamless workflow across teams. Marie’s team now uses a shared folder with publish-ready content for social media campaigns where staff can just pull assets right away which has totally transformed their workflow. Updating content more quickly and consistently helps the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club increase brand visibility and expand its reach.
  • Boosting social media engagement grows business. Marie’s team is seeing results with PhotoShelter. Since implementing their new process, they have seen an uptick in social media engagement month over month, which drives hotel guests, restaurant diners, and event attendees to the resort.

“Ever since we have really followed this process with the social team, our numbers month over month have increased. Engagement rates, reach, click-through rates. We are seeing a direct correlation. Particularly through social numbers.”

Marie Rossow, Director of Marketing, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

A Luxury Resort’s 5-Star Digital Asset Management System

PhotoShelter’s digital asset management system gives Marie and her team streamlined control of their visual assets, enhancing their efficiency. This allows them to focus on building connections with their guests and crafting memorable experiences, reinforcing the resort’s standing as a premier destination for exceptional getaways.

“If you can think of a use case for PhotoShelter. We’re probably using it.”

Marie Rossow, Director of Marketing, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Photo by Brett Schreckengost / Garden of the gods resort and club

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