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Moore & Giles Turns Pictures into Profit with PhotoShelter

From product launches to photoshoots, Moores & Giles has their e-commerce and wholesale operation covered with PhotoShelter.

  • 32k+ images of products, brand assets, and more stored and organized in PhotoShelter
  • ~60 invited users who can leverage PhotoShelter to access assets
  • 1+ days of work saved per photoshoot by automating workflows

A Handcrafted Brand with a Rich Visual Story 

Established in 1933, Moore & Giles is renowned for its exquisite leather goods and prides itself on uncompromising craftsmanship and quality. Behind every handcrafted wallet, bag, or belt lies a rich visual story—one that requires careful curation and efficient management of a vast library of images. Enter PhotoShelter, the digital asset management platform that has transformed how Moore & Giles tells its story.

The Challenge: A Tangled Web of Visual Assets

Ellie Richardson, Studio Photographer, and Kari Moye, Communications Manager of Strategic Development, shared their experiences and challenges before implementing PhotoShelter:

  • Heavy workload and organizational issues. Managing numerous product launches, seasonal photoshoots, trade show appearances, and a robust e-commerce and wholesale operation required high levels of organization and streamlined processes.
  • Constant requests for images and assets. Kari’s team had various departments frequently requesting specific product images, leading to inefficiencies and repetitive manual tasks.
  • Confusing and difficult to manage files. The previous system resulted in untagged, unorganized files, causing frustration and inefficiencies. “As a designer, to find photos of our best selling Benedict weekend bag for example, I would have to literally scroll through hundreds of photos, hoping that I could land on one. I wished I could have been able to search for colors, descriptions and other keywords,” said Kari.

“Our photographers were constantly asking, ‘Where are these photos? Where is this?’ That could eat up a whole day, honestly. Everyone needed something at all times. So time was a huge motivator. If we’re freed up to do more, then we can create more photos to create more revenue. Even our sales people, if they have access to more photos of installations that really show off our product, then they can make more sales.”

Kari Moye, Communications Manager of Strategic Development

The Solution: Order and Efficiency with PhotoShelter

Before using PhotoShelter, Moore & Giles faced disorganization and inefficiencies. Now, their workflow is smooth and productive. Here’s why:

  • Centralized asset management and improved organization. PhotoShelter provided a structured, searchable home for all of the company’s visual assets. “It’s nice to not only leverage PhotoShelter for our photos, but also other things like brand assets, so people can go and self-service,” said Kari.
  • Enhanced collaboration and streamlined access. Workspaces enable the team to easily share and review images for better collaboration among teams, increasing productivity and workflow efficiency. “It’s nice to have a space for those images I don’t want to be public to people but I want to share with our team to be able to pick and tell me what they want to be edited. I also frequently use the Quick Send feature to various teams with an easy link to give them access,” mentioned Ellie.
  • Clarity and consistency in asset management. PhotoShelter helped Moore & Giles clearly differentiate between proofs and final edits, ensuring that only approved assets were used for marketing and sales purposes.

“A huge thing for us when editing photos… in our past system, it was really hard to know what was edited and what was not. So being able to really tighten up our organization has been great. Now, you can pull any image and we all, as a marketing team, have signed off on it. That’s our direction now.”

Kari Moye, Communications Manager of Strategic Development

A Polished Finish with PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter has become an indispensable tool for Moore & Giles, empowering them to tell their brand story with clarity and confidence. By taming their chaotic image library and streamlining collaboration, the platform has freed up valuable time for the creative team to focus on what they do best: crafting exceptional leather goods and showcasing their beauty through compelling visuals.

“Having a platform like PhotoShelter where you can actually utilize keywords is really important. And then from a project management standpoint… when you start creating this system, it really helps streamline the process.”

Kari Moye, Communications Manager of Strategic Development

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?

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