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College sports teams need a way to get game content on their website in real-time to engage fans and keep them updated on the action.

That’s why we teamed up with SIDEARM Sports, the #1 provider of college athletics websites. With SIDEARM Sports and PhotoShelter, your college sports workflow is faster than ever.

About this Integration

When you connect PhotoShelter and SIDEARM, you can instantly move content from PhotoShelter to your athletics website with SIDEARM.

  • Just upload to PhotoShelter, and all of your content instantly becomes available in your CMS!
  • Browse and search your PhotoShelter library within SIDEARM, and choose photos to add to your website. No need to download to your computer first.
  • Once you’ve added a photo to your site, you can edit it in SIDEARM. Any changes you make will not impact the metadata on the original file in your PhotoShelter library.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?