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Socialie helps you grow your reach and expand your audience by tapping into your network of advocates and influencers. Empowering an army of content publishers is as easy as opening a text.

  • Share your brand’s content to managers of non-brand channels, helping you reach audiences you otherwise couldn’t.
  • Get valuable insights from your brand’s content, anywhere it’s posted on social media.
  • Request content on-demand from anyone and develop an archive of authentic, rights-free content for your brand.

About PhotoShelter’s Socialie Integration

When you connect PhotoShelter and Socialie, you can automatically move content from your PhotoShelter library straight to your influencers – so they can post on their social media accounts when it matters most.

  • Automate your content distribution: When content hits your yourPhotoShelter library, it’s automatically routed to your influencers based on a few simple rules. Add PhotoShelter’s AI tagging tools, and you’ve got an instant, automatic workflow from start to finish.
  • Flexible delivery: Influencers get immediately notified that content is ready to share in the way that works best for them – from text to WhatsApp. Making it easy for them helps ensure your content gets posted faster.
  • Never miss the moment: With PhotoShelter and Socialie, your content flows from camera to PhotoShelter to influencers in seconds – all while the action is still happening. For social media managers and the influencers you share content with, being able to share moments that happen LIVE is a game-changer.

Learn more about how Socialie can change the game for your team.

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