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KUT Public Media Now Amplifies Their Brand with PhotoShelter

KUT Public Media, home to KUT, KUTX and the statewide program Texas Standard, has selected PhotoShelter as their DAM solution.

KUT Public Media, home to KUT, KUTX and the statewide program Texas Standard, has selected PhotoShelter as their digital asset management solution.

Since 1958, KUT has been dedicated to sharing content that reflects the broad interests of their Central Texas audience. This award-winning team has made it their mission to create experiences through multimedia that deepen understanding and connect people in their community.

For years, producing content to support their local events, panel discussions, and live performances presented challenges. Delivering in-depth news coverage through a local lens warranted a well-rounded workflow.

With a robust media archive and an extensive backlog of files, the team at KUT was in need of a solution to better organize their assets and manage their creative process.

With previous experience using PhotoShelter’s single-user solution, Deborah Cannon, Visuals Editor at KUT, knew her larger team could benefit from what PhotoShelter for Brands has to offer – a centralized DAM solution for the entire organization.

“The department has slowly been built over the past decade. When first established, the person doing the visual work set up a Flickr account. And while that worked well at the beginning we have since expanded our department and have amassed an archive of thousands upon thousands of images. We have long since outgrown Flickr and needed a more robust, steady and safe place to store our growing archive.”

Deborah Cannon, Visuals Editor

“It’s not every day you think of a public radio station as a brand that needs to manage visual media. But you would be surprised,” said PhotoShelter CEO, Andrew Fingerman. “We are thrilled to work with this NPR affiliate on the UT Austin campus to help manage and safeguard their media library. They join a growing group of university media departments and Texas brands who trust PhotoShelter. We are delighted to work with them.”

Interested in learning more about how PhotoShelter can help you streamline how you manage your visual content like KUT? Let us show you how we can help.

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