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Finally! A Better Facial Recognition Solution is Here

After wearing face masks for over a year in most public situations, recognizing someone in an unfamiliar setting is somewhat of a super strength. I...

After wearing face masks for over a year in most public situations, recognizing someone in an unfamiliar setting is somewhat of a super strength. In the Before Times™, body language and facial expressions helped us discern a vibe, and develop trust and rapport, but for businesses ‘showing face’ continues to be the name of the game.

Despite the global lockdown, a ravenously captive audience emerged for brands to connect and create with, but were brands prepared to categorize thousands of campaign assets, screenshots, online photoshoot files, and webinar video sessions into deliverable web and social media-ready assets?

In most cases, the answer is no.

Enter PeopleID.

For companies where spokespeople are front and center and influencers deepen brand engagement, the ability to deliver assets and create easily accessible folders for talented partners in real-time is key for owning the moment. For organizations where communities thrive on connecting with one another—employees, VIPs, guest experts, and consumers alike, having a tool that automatically recognizes people and adds names and labels (such as job title or department affiliation) can help teams sort, search, and organize files faster for content marketing purposes.

To this day, our AI product suite has enabled us to analyze, recognize, and tag over 750,000 objects, 7 million general labels, over 300,000 brand logos, and 1 million sports players across 9 disciplines have been accurately identified.

In other words, our products work overtime for you and automation makes all of our lives easier.

Facial Recognition Built for All, Built for You

At PhotoShelter, we keep your data, your business, and your content private; our tech solutions are never invasive. To help your team save time finding and sharing images of your organization’s friendliest faces, we added PeopleID to our Artificial Intelligence product suite so any company who needs to consistently and constantly identify the same people in images can do so instantly.

While there are valid hesitations and worries around implementing facial recognition in a business setting, our custom-made solution allows you to set when and who gets automatically tagged by letting you define the rules of the data set.

For example, if you work in a college or university alumni office, a big part of your content marketing strategy may involve tracking, highlighting, and programming events that feature accomplished alumni in your network to both entice potential students and re-engage former students.

If you have a massive library of images from sporting events, annual benefits or galas, professional panels or conferences, all you need to do is identify the most important people, provide us with their headshots, full names, and a relevant title you want to tag; then, just let PeopleID take care of the rest.

For creative directors or communications managers working for cult product brands, digital agencies, or publishers, having a DAM system with PeopleID enabled will allow you to instantly search and share newly uploaded and archival campaign assets organized by featured talent.

Similarly, with PeopleID enabled, a social media manager for a film or TV production studio can access precisely sorted talent assets from live performances, public appearances, or red carpet moments seconds after they’re taken.

Of course, you trust your social media team’s intern or the photo editor to tag each and every Instagrammable asset as they’re uploaded live by a team of creative contributors, but the accuracy and precision PeopleID delivers are unrivaled and it all starts with the collaborative machine learning work we’ll do together.

A conceptual visual representation of what happens when you combine all of the AI product solutions over one image.

Don’t hesitate—just automate it!

While PeopleID works brilliantly on its own, when you knit our AI capabilities together to recognize objects, people, text, and brands in images, you’ll get the accurate, automatically-tagged media library of your company’s dreams.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?