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The Who, What & Why of PhotoShelter AI

Dive deeper to understand who AI is for and what it can do for you. Plus, uncover the ways automation has positively impacted some of the industry...

Artificial intelligence is the extra boost brands need to take their visual assets to the next level. Employing tech that recognizes and harnesses the power of each individual asset in your brand’s arsenal is an easy way to get ahead—and stay ahead—of your competition.

In a world where we’re all consuming content faster than ever before, getting the most out of each and every creative asset is crucial to staying relevant, nurturing and growing your audience, raising awareness for key issues and celebrating exciting achievements.

One exciting way PhotoShelter can help your team access content fast and leverage it like never before? Our highly accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) product suite. PhotoShelter AI squeezes every last drop out of your photos to maximize their value. (Now just imagine that for each file in your media library. You’d be unstoppable.)

To date, PhotoShelter AI has analyzed, recognized and tagged 20 million objects, 480,000 logos and identified over 3 million athletes across 9 different sports.

And we’re just getting started.

Understanding AI’s potential and its far-reaching benefits provide the necessary context for how and why you should be using it — and how PhotoShelter can help.

Who AI is For

Brands and organizations that center their identity around a commitment to visual storytelling are particularly well suited for exploring artificial intelligence solutions because they already recognize the power of visual assets.

AI is for brands looking to push the envelope both visually and technologically. It’s for teams that want to get the most out of their photos now and in the future. It’s for creators looking to be trailblazers and disruptors in their space, and for stakeholders dedicated to finding quality visuals with speed and ease. 

Example organizations primed for AI:

  • Professional sports teams, leagues, and higher education athletic departments with recognizable superstar athletes
  • Corporations with influential board members, executives and stakeholders
  • Tourism boards with travel photos from staff photographers, influencer partners and social followers 
  • Schools or universities with tenured staff, expansive campuses, and growing populations of current students and alumni.
An example image run through PhotoShelter’s ObjectID solution.

What AI Can Do For You

To understand the true power of AI, you must first understand what metadata is and why it matters

Put simply, metadata helps you organize your visual media library by attaching meaning to your photos. It enables anyone to easily search through your visual assets and find exactly what they need with precision and accuracy. 

Having keywords associated with your visual assets allows colleagues and stakeholders to search, find and share faster and more easily. Once photos and videos are tagged, finding what you’re looking for becomes much less of a headache because there’s no need for flipping through various folders to locate your files. A simple search is all you need! 

The AI recognition of our photos will help us save hundreds of hours tagging and organizing photos, enabling us to share content with our partners, players, and fans faster than ever before.

Tyler Steinhardt, Director of Marketing for the Premier Lacross League

We’ve been helping professional photographers and creative teams for over fifteen years and there’s one thing we hear often: manually applying keywords is a cumbersome process that relies on individuals and free time. Plus, it’s inherently subjective. What sticks out in an image to one person may be completely different to someone else. We’ve seen it time and time again. This subjectivity can cause confusion (and frustration), slows teams down and, more often than not, keywords that have the potential to be useful in the future are completely left out inadvertently.

At PhotoShelter, we talk a lot about creating a metadata policy whereby leaders provide a written document that serves as a guide for everyone interacting with their media library. The policy outlines how your team will tag images when they add them to the library, and how internal and external stakeholders will search for visual assets when they need to find and use them. But just like manual tagging can be daunting, creating a metadata policy takes time and effort. So why not simplify things? That’s where automation comes in.

PhotoShelter’s custom algorithms use machine learning to scan images, automatically identifying and adding tags for objects, text, people and brand marks. This allows anyone to upload files into their PhotoShelter for Brands media library and have them instantly tagged with general keywords, player and faculty names, jersey numbers, sponsors and more. 

Imagine this: your team photographer uploads photos from the game and within seconds, each photo is tagged with players’ names and jersey numbers, important sponsors are noted in the metadata, and useful tags like “crowd” and “cheering” are already associated with the right images. Or maybe you’re a college or university looking to easily identify important staff and faculty so you can update your website or share information about recent awards they’ve won. PhotoShelter AI does that too. 

Gone are the days where names are misspelled, sponsors are left out and crucial identifying factors are missing in action. Everything is automatically tagged upon upload, so you’ll be finding and sharing what you need faster than ever before. 

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?