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Third Party Service Agreement


By pressing “Create My Account” below, you (i) consent to receiving orders for printing services from Content Providers, (ii) acknowledge and agree that you are bound by the PhotoShelter’s Terms and Conditions of Use and (iii) you agree to the following Supplemental Terms and Conditions: As between you and the Content Providers, you acknowledge that the Content Providers own all rights, title and interest in and to all Content provided by Content Providers to you, and you shall use the Content for the sole purpose of performing the services requested by the applicable Content Provider and shall not provide the Content to any third party or use it for any other purpose. You may not subcontract the performance of such services to any third party. You are responsible for billing the applicable Content Provider directly for services provided by you, and all personal and billing information collected by you from any Content Provider to you shall kept strictly confidential by you and treated in accordance with PhotoShelter’s Privacy Policy.