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ObjectID: Automated Metadata Tagging Done Right

Here at PhotoShelter, helping you get and stay organized is our main focus. That’s because we believe it’s the key to being able to find and s...

Here at PhotoShelter, helping you get and stay organized is our main focus. That’s because we believe it’s the key to being able to find and share scroll-stopping visuals effectively.

One way we’re committed to making it easier for your team to access your brand’s best content quickly, no matter where you are, is through our highly accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) product suite

PhotoShelter’s proprietary AI feature set is adaptable and flexible. It was designed to solve common pain points for all types of organizations, each characterized by their own unique priorities and challenges.

Under the umbrella of PhotoShelter AI, we have ObjectID, RosterID, BrandID and PeopleID. They all work by utilizing machine learning to scan images and automatically add tags for objects, people, players, important brand marks and jersey numbers. No matter your specific needs, we’ve got a solution.

But today, it’s all about ObjectID.

If PhotoShelter AI had senior superlatives, ObjectID would win Most Well-Rounded.

Our most versatile offering, ObjectID recognizes objects in images. It embodies the phrase “simple but effective.”

ObjectID provides the most general, well-rounded keyword tagging all organizations need to effectively search and find images for instant organizing and sharing.

It’s also smart enough to understand that the combination of individual tags—like “sand”, “water” and “palm tree”—represents something broader—like “beach.”

Imagine you’re the content manager for a tourism organization. Your visuals are no doubt vast and varied. Since you work with content from staff photographers, agency partners and social contacts, you need a fast and easy way to search your assets by location or season. This ensures you can access and publish the right content at the right time.

No need to flip through gallery after gallery while visually scanning your options for the right images. That’s a thing of the past when you have AI on your side.

With ObjectID enabled, our automation will identify your images and tag general words like mountains, sunsets, snow, clouds, waterfalls, sailboats, trees, people, animals, food and other helpful characteristics to describe the setting and subjects in the image.

Use ObjectID to Create Consistency Around Tags And Combat Subjectivity

We’ve been helping professional photographers and creative teams for over fifteen years and there’s one thing we hear often: applying tags manually requires free time and often feels daunting or tiresome. Plus, it’s inherently subjective.

What sticks out in an image to one person may be completely different to someone else. This subjectivity can cause confusion (and frustration), slows teams down and, more often than not, keywords that have the potential to be useful in the future are completely left out inadvertently.

ObjectID: The Secret Weapon to Reclaiming Your Time

If your team produces thousands of images daily but has no dedicated person manually managing your metadata, you need ObjectID. Not only will it save you and your team tons of time and people-power, but it will also help you regain creative control.

With the help of automated tagging, you’re ensuring all of your images have high-value keywords attached to them —and right away. No more waiting for the ok to hire an intern or back-and-forth emails with your team to ask when they plan to get to it.

Plus, by eliminating the need for manual tagging, your team is freed up for more brainstorming, campaign refinement sessions and collaboration opportunities. Everyone’s attention stays focused on the most important matter at hand: sharing your brand’s story.

Ready to improve your workflow?

  • ObjectID finds objects in your images and delivers the best and most accurate general metadata tags for your brand’s images.
  • PeopleID uses facial recognition to find and tag the most important people to your organization in your image assets automatically, making the search for photos of faculty or influencers hassle-free.
  • RosterID combines jersey data and facial recognition for powerful athlete recognition.
  • BrandID recognizes key sponsors and brands, with the capability to deliver relevant assets to your partners and stakeholders in real-time.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?